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Affordable Website Design & Development Packages

I had not promoted website development packages in the past because most of the work I do is custom web development where every project has a unique set of requirements. Bundling all of the possible options into a package is complicated.

I have been speaking to more small business owners lately though that are looking for a full service solutions for a new website. Because of this I am now offering affordable web design and development packages to accommodate this need.

Web Design Services for Small Business

New small business websites (or existing websites needing redesigned) seem to fit in one of these categories.

  • No website or web presence and do not know where to start.
  • DIY website that looks unprofessional.
  • DIY website builder and have now outgrown the features offered.
  • Outdated old website that has not been update in years.  It could be the website is not mobile friendly, the content is out of date and irrelevant… You don’t have a technical resource to address the problems, or the time to search for one.

Often web design companies want to upsell a full marketing plan that just does not fit within the budget of a small business.

New Websites for Small Business Startups

Simple complete website packages for starting a new website includes a 5 page website, domain registration and management, secure certificate, web hosting and domain name email, ([email protected])

I have not offered website packages in the past because trying to force web design and development into a set package is a challenge. To address this, the options offered  in this website package are minimal.  I will not allow any substitutions, or “can we do that?” type of website customization.

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When complete, you will have a simple, yet professional website online in no time. The best part for you is minimal stress and frustration. I take care of everything.

  • You will not have to learn how to register a domain name and connect it to your hosting account.
  • You won’t have to research the best type of web hosting services for your needs.
  • You will not have to learn how to use a drag and drop website builder.

Once your website is live on the Internet, I am always out here to continue with any new website development services you need. You focus on building your small business and I will focus on supporting your website when you need it.

As always, I will gladly quote a cost to build a custom website, redesign website services  or any WordPress customization services you need too!


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Hire a Freelancer

Hiring a freelance web programmer is an affordable solution for small businesses to get website support with development, maintenance, management and more.

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