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Convert Joomla to WordPress

Are you thinking about converting your Joomla website to WordPress? While they are both CMS software platforms, comparing Joomla to WordPress is like comparing apples to oranges. I’ve worked on both platforms, but exclusively use WordPress in all website development jobs I am hired to build.

In terms of ease of use, flexibility and user community there is no comparison. The last website I built with Joomla was in 2011.

Reasons to Move to WordPress (WP)

My top reasons to migrate to WordPress over Joomla:

  1. WordPress is easier to learn and has a more user friendly interface.
  2. WordPress has a huge user community and lots of developers if you need help.
  3. WordPress is easier to extend and customize with a huge selection of pre built themes and plugins for rapid development.
  4. WordPress is more SEO friendly “out of the box”. Joomla takes more effort and requires adding extensions to accomplish the same.
  5. While both are open source and the core code is free, WordPress is typically more cost effective with the cost of themes and addons.
  6. Because of its popularity there are a lot more WordPress developers available. This drives the cost down to hire a WordPress developer and you have a much larger pool to select from.

Look at these charts. Comparing Joomla to WordPress usage is like comparing Bing to Google. No doubt its well known, but people prefer Google over Bing.  It just works better.  43.1% of websites are using a CMS. Of that 63.2% of those sites use WordPress, while 2.6 % are using Joomla.

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Search Engine Market Share 2023
Search Engine Marketshare

Wordpress Marketshare In 2023
WordPress Marketshare

I’m not saying anything is wrong with Joomla, WordPress is just easier to use for both developers and end users.

When building a website, I consider level of effort for me to build it, but also after a website is complete, how easy it will be for my client to be able to manage it.

Migrating your Website

You probably have seen blog posts of “How to easily move your site from Joomla to WordPress in a few simple steps.” If you are a web developer with experience working with both Joomla and WordPress, then yes, it’s not too hard. If you are a small business website owner trying to DIY, you will be up for a challenge.

Migrating to a new software platform is more work than copying and pasting web pages into the new system. When you convert a Joomla database to WordPress, that is half of the project. Properly configuring and securing WordPress is extremely important for your long-term website health. When I migrate your site, everything is moved over for you. Your new site is installed correctly and configured for security, performance, and search engines.

If you are looking for WordPress migrations services to convert your outdated Joomla site to WordPress, reach out to get a quote.


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