Fix Video Indexing Issues Found On Your Site

video indexing on your website

Google's Video Indexing Report

If you use Google Search Console (if you don’t you SHOULD), and videos on your website, you may have received an email recently with the subject “Video indexing issues found on your site”

Google has recently rolled out a new tool to tell you what kind of issues you may have with videos that are embedded or streamed from your website.

The report tells you:

  • how many pages on your site have videos that are indexed in the search engine
  • how many pages on your site have videos that are NOT indexed in the search engine 

If a video is invalid and not indexed, an explanation is provided for you to be able to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Google has many requirements for the video to be indexed. Here are a few highlights, to learn more, you can view the full Google support page for video indexing requirements.

  1. The video has to be embedded in a web page on your site
  2. The web page has to be indexed in Google. (It can’t be blocked in robots.txt)
  3. The video has to be prominent on the page, and within the required sizes: 140px – 1080px wide and minimum of 140px tall.
  4. You have to have a valid thumbnail image.

You can read Google’s documentation about this new video indexing tool here.

Don’t put the effort into producing video content for the web, only to have them not get indexed in Google. If you don’t have Google Search Console installed, or don’t know how to fix video indexing issues on your website, hire me to setup, review and troubleshoot problems.


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