WordPress there has been a critical error on this website

WordPress Critical Errors

WordPress is great, until “there has been a critical error on this website”  : (

Do you have the error “”There has been a critical error on this website. “” on your WordPress site and don’t know what to do?


There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website In Wordpress

Critical Errors

Critical errors within any kind of code typically means there is an error serious enough to break programming functionality.  With WordPress, this translates to “my website is broken”. If you are a company that has a team of web developers on staff, it get’s fixed quickly.

If you are a small business owner though, what do you do? Contact your web host for WordPress support? No, web hosting companies do not support your website code, only the web hosting service.

Troubleshooting WordPress Errors

Then what? Google it? If you Google: WordPress There has been a critical error on this website, you will find lots of technical suggestions of where to start debugging code errors to troubleshoot what may have caused the problem.

  • check your website error logs
  • turn on debugging in wp-config
  • deactivate plugins or themes
  • restore a working backup

For a website owner that hired someone to build their website in the first place, this doesn’t help much. Where are your website error logs? How do you find wp-config and how do you actually turn on debugging.  How can you deactivate a plugin if you can’t get logged into admin. Where are WordPress backups kept?

All you know is that a critical error means your website is down, offline, flat out broken.  Your users can not access your site to make purchases, contact you or do anything.  This is hurting your business, and needs addressed asap. You can’t start learning how to troubleshoot and debug code, you need this fixed.

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Fixing WordPress Critical Errors

So how do you get your WordPress site fixed and back online quickly?  Hire an experienced WordPress developer that specializes in WordPress website repair.


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