How Much Does a Website Cost?

calculate how much a website costs

Calculating What a Website Costs

I get emailed on a daily basis with people contacting me to find out what a new website will cost. I get a 1 or 2 sentence description of what they want, and in return they want a solid number that I will commit to.

I wish it were that simple.

Website Design Cost Calculator

I have been in the process of  building a website cost calculator to give people a ballpark estimate of what a website could potentially cost based on some questions you answer.  The intent of this website cost calculator is to give you a “realistic” estimate of what I may charge to build a website for you.  There are so many factors though, it seems that I will never get it completed. I do not want to appear deceptive with a quote calculator providing an estimate, but then a final quote I give potentially varying significant from the calculator.

If you would like to receive a solid quote, I need a specific details about your project. If you’re not sure what to tell me, I have a  website development questionnaire you can review so you can form a list of features and functionality you will need.  Upon receiving specific details, I will probably ask more questions. Then I will send you a proposal for website development. If you are ready to provide this to me, you can request quote for website development here.

I get it, everyone is in a hurry with “everything”and wants a quick answer.  If your project is being a few pages of text and images, it take a lot more to quote a webiste. I want to fully understand a project before I commit to it. Working remotely, I want to see that you can clearly communicate your project requirements to me so the project goes smoothly and you are happy with the end result.

Below are a list of many factors that go into determining the cost of building a website. There is a lot more to it beyond the web page you see in a browser.

Website Design Costs

  • Logo design
  • Custom web design
  • Website template or theme
  • Custom website graphics
  • Template or theme customizations

Web Development Costs

  • Number of web pages
  • Web programming
  • Web database design and development
  • Search engine optimization
  • eCommerce website development
  • Social Media integration
  • Speed optimization

Other Website Costs

  • Copy writing/content creation
  • Domain name registration/renewal
  • Web hosting fees
  • Secure certificate
  • Code maintenance
  • Website maintenance

With many factors affecting the cost of developing a website, it makes it nearly impossible to give a ballpark estimate that will come inline with a thought out quote.  There are a lot of ways to approach website development too. Defining your website budget and then developing a plan to build your website (in phases if needed) is the approach I always recommend.  

Website Packages

To help define what a website will cost, I offer website packages for small business to bundle needed features like:

  • domain registration
  • web hosting services
  • secure certificate
  • website support

Website design and development is still priced separately due to the numerous factors based on your specific project requirements.

If you Google: website package costs, you will see prices are all over the place.

Website Package Costs
This search engine result sums it up. You can not offer a fixed price for a website until you know what is needed. There are too many factors.
Part of the variations in pricing is due to experience of the developer, if you are working with an web design agency, small company or freelancer… But the biggest factor is: What do you need?
  • Do you need a custom web design?
  • Do you need a single web page or many pages?
  • Do you need a blog?
  • Do you need eCommerce?
  • Do you want to edit it yourself once its built? (CMS website)
  • Do you need custom web programming?

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