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Web Developer Productivity Tools

Updated May 7, 2018

Being a freelancer has a lot of great benefits. A downside though is being isolated from other developers and not getting to “chat around the water cooler”. I’m sharing online productivity tools that I use to help my freelance business be successful. If you have anything to add, let me know.


Keepass Logo
Keeping my client’s data secure is a necessity as is keeping myself organized. Keepass is a tiny free open source program that you install on your computer.  The magic of the little program is that you remember one password to log in, and then all user accounts are accessible. It can auto generate strong passwords, for you to simply copy and paste into your browser. After 15 sec, the clipboard is cleared so you don’t leave it available.  I can organize clients into folders, to then organize all different passwords I  have been given. It’s portable too. I can easily bring the data over to my laptop if I am traveling.  I can easily search for a specific client or login. This little tool has increased my productivity at work exponentially.

Nimbus Screenshot

I use this browser screenshot addon about 50 times a day. I can capture, cut and make notes on a screen grab and then save it to their cloud, sending my client a link to view.  Working remotely, communication can be a challenge. Being able to show my clients exactly what I am referencing saves so much time going back and forth trying to clarify. Using this online tool improves my productivity ten fold by minimizing the number of back and forth emails between my client. (I wish all my clients would use it to clarify what they are trying to show me!)

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Hellosign Logo

HelloSign enables to me to accept electronic signatures for web development contracts quickly and easily. Its simple and straightforward to use. I simply upload my contract, define where the signature should be placed and send it to my client.  When the contract is signed, I am email notified. There are so many more features offered, I haven’t had the chance to explore them all yet.


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