Trying to Find a Web Developer?

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trying to find a web developer?

If you’re trying to find a web developer for your startup project, considering outsourcing to a freelancer. I am a website consultant that can help you plan, develop and deploy your website idea. If you need ongoing maintenance or management after it’s live on the Internet, I can do that too. I provide technical support services like hosting, DNS and domain issues, on page SEO,  website speed optimization, migrating websites, dealing with SSL issues too. Pretty much anything that has to do with the back end, technical side of getting and keeping a website live with no downtime. As a web developer, I focus on coding a website design and back end programming to build database driven websites.  I am not a graphic designer – this means I do not create the design of how a website looks . Clients sometimes come to me with a web design create by an in house graphic designer or have hired a freelance web designer. They want to know if I will partner with their web designers and code a functional website. Yes, I am a perfect match for this.

Niche Service Provider

Freelancers often target a specific niche or service within their industry.  Not all web designers have the technical experience to code a layout and turn it into a functional website. So it make sense for a designer to partner with a web programmer to complete a project. My expertise is with PHP and MySQL database development.  This is referred to as a back end programming when a building website.  So if you’re a web designer looking for a web developer to partner with, we may be a good fit.

Freelancing and Working Remotely

I have been working remotely for 21 years.  With the pandemic, more and more people are working from home. I have many years of experience developing skills to work remotely successfully. My clients are nationwide (actually worldwide) not just locally in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I have built relationships with web designers, graphic designers and small marketing companies throughout the USA. With technologies like email, cloud file sharing, screen grabbing and recording services , it is easy to communicate remotely to get a project completed without hurdles. I have been working remotely with some freelance web designers for over 10 years. Both of our businesses have grown successfully because of the business partnership we have formed.

How to Get Started?

Start a conversation. Email me.  If you would like a web development quote to convert a web design into a website I need the following:
  • The mock up of the design. I need to see the design to understand how complex it will be to code.
  • Details of how many web pages there will be.
  • Write up details of functionality to be incorporated into the website.
When quoting a web design project, I understand that the design may not be finalized yet. .jpg images of the design are OK at this point. The final approved design files need to be delivered to me as XD files or layered .psd files. The easiest way to send me files to review would be to put them on a cloud service like, Dropbox or Google Drive and then share them with me.  You can contact me through the form on the right if you have other questions.

Looking for Web Development Partner?

If you’re looking to hire a web development partner, I would love to discuss how we could work together.  I work quietly in the background on projects taking care of all of the technical details. By this I mean I work directly through you. Most of the time a client is not aware I am involved. Contact me to find how we can work together. If you’re looking for a “business partner” – I’m not interested.  Many people contact me with a (vague) idea and want me to do all of the website development at no cost with the promise of a percent of the revenue generated from the website.  This is 100% risk for me, none for you.   You are essentially asking me to invest in your business idea, and then leaving it to me to develop it. Have you seen Shark Tank? If the prospects don’t have a business plan, proof of concept, and plan how to grow their business, the investors quickly turn them away.
Custom Website Development

What is a custom website?

Custom Website Design & Development In the simplest terms, custom website development means a website built from scratch. You start with an idea and define

Website Maintenance Services

Maintenance Plan

Let’s get started. 
Send me a link to your site to review.

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