Are Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services Worth It?

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services

I’ve built and worked on hundreds of WordPress sites.

For whatever reason clients hire me, I also present the option for a WordPress maintenance plan to maintain their site ongoing. I do this to to keep it running fast, code updated, and secured all the time.

I include this option regardless of whether I am building a new WordPress site, fixing bugs, or addressing WordPress security issues like a site getting hacked.


It’s that important. Read on to find out a monthly WordPress maintenance plan makes sense for small business websites.

What Does WordPress Maintenance Include?

Monthly WordPress maintenance plans provided by Freelance Web Programmer include:

  • Code Updates
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Offsite Backups
  • Quality Hosting

Most people are oblivious that WordPress is open-source software that needs to be maintained constantly.

When presenting proposals for new website development, many web designers do not include a website maintenance as part of their quote. So clients are not educated about this and are not aware it is even needed.

After explaining why WordPress needs to be updated regularly, I often get questions like, “Do I have to do maintenance monthly, or can I just do it once a year?”

My response is: “You could, but then most of the year your website will not be secure.” (so why bother?)

A WordPress monthly maintenance package does the following:

  1. Keeps WordPress code like the core install, plugins and themes up to date.
  2. Makes sure you have a current backup of your website stored somewhere besides your web host. (If you forget to pay your bill, the web server fails, web host goes out of business and your backup is on your account, the backup is lost.)
  3. Catches potential problems before you aware (by monitoring the security community, errors logs and more)
  4. Keeps your site running fast by using VPS web servers with high performance hardware.
  5. GUARANTEES your site will not get hacked, or it will be cleaned and further secured for FREE.

To promote a guarantee, I must be confident that I know what I’m doing right?

On top of this guarantee, you also get a higher level of website support and faster response time compared to clients hiring me one time for website fixes.

WordPress Maintenance Plans Mean Hands-off For You

Undoubtedly, it is stressful when your website shows errors or has been hacked. Once this happens, you are in panic mode and need to drop everything to react to the situation. Having a WordPress expert maintain your site ongoing means one less thing to think about. Your website is monitored all the time and problems addressed without you even being aware.

It’s up to you to decide if monthly website maintenance to keep your site updated and secure ongoing is worth it to your business, or it is something you can take on yourself.


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