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Hire Someone to Build a Website

You need to hire someone to build a website. Where do you start?

Most of the work I do focuses on small business web development ranging from  simple startup websites for small businesses needing a new web presence, to complex web applications. This post focuses on hiring someone for small business website development.


Small businesses and individuals building new site usually rule out hiring a web development company due to budget. Hiring a full time web developer is usually not practical either.

For some reason, people think hiring your neighbor’s kid may be an option. It may be, but will you be happy with the result?  It’s impossible for them to have years of experience and knowledge simply based on their age.

Can they provide consulting for you on things beyond “the web page” like what is the best hosting service for your small business, how to code a contact form so you don’t get spammed, or how to properly set up https on your site. (All websites should be running SSL/https on their websites these days.)

Think about it, why would you consider putting your company’s world wide presence that is available 24/7, in the hands of your neighbor’s kid?!  To save a few bucks?  Hire them to mow your lawn or wash your car. When it comes to your business’ first impression to potential new customers, hire a professional.

If you need actual web programming logic beyond a simple web page,  you need a professional with experience in web development services.

I actually had someone contact me to find out what it will cost to build a website. He briefly described a unique, custom project that he wanted coded as “simple as possible”. He was frustrated because he had been trying to get the site started for a long time with no luck. He ended the conversation with if you can’t do it, “maybe refer me to a kid who could do this on the side”.

This was my response:
 Based on you stating that you are exhausted after trying to get this going for a period of years, I hope you are realizing it is not a “basic” website, nor will it be “easy peasy” to manage if you do not have the technical skills and experience to do so.  

I have been building custom web applications for over 20 years. I could build this for you. I do not have any “kids that do the same work that I do on the side” to refer to you though. 

You did not provide a budget, so I have no idea what you want to invest in it.  If you are looking for the cheapest possible solution,  you could post on craigslist or a job board like Freelancer. Keep in mind you get what you pay for though. With overseas contractors you have language barriers, time zone differences and no legal contracts to hold them to. With young inexperienced developers, well, you get inexperience.


Hire a Freelance Web Developer

Usually people trying to find freelance web developer fall into one of these categories.

  • They don’t need to hire a programmer for a permanent full time or even part time position.
  • They need a professional with skills and experience that will develop a website without needing their “hand held”.
  • They don’t have a lot of knowledge in the field of web development. They looking for a website consultant – adependable resource to answer questions and give advice on how to build a website.


If this is what you are looking for,  I’m a web developer for hire.


Small Business Website Developer

While I focus on back end web programming with PHP &MySQL, building custom websites from scratch and building WordPress Websites for small businesses, I also offer starter website packages to get you on the Internet without having to wade through all of the technical details.

Other website services I provide include domain registration, web hosting, secure certificates, and website maintenance, website management, updates and support. If you don’t know where to start, I can take care of everything for you.

If you need a long term technical resource for your small business website, consider hiring an experienced freelancer as your personal website consultant.



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