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Hiring a Freelancer – A Question of Trust

Hiring a Web Developer You Can Trust

People contact me because they need web development services Often, they’re looking for a freelance web developer, mostly because small business website owners do not need an in house full time web developer.

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, I working remotely, almost never meeting a client in person. Seldom do I even speak to them on the phone.  Communicating over email keeps our conversations documented and to the point.

Well, the next thing they know I am asking for passwords to their accounts to get to work.  They hesitate, and ask  “How am I supposed to trust you?”.  I understand.  I put myself in their shoes and think, “Would I hand over passwords to access my accounts?”.

There’s not much I can say.  I know me, I know you can trust me.

I’ve been a freelance programmer since 2005 (and had worked in the corporate field of web development 7 years prior). I have built a successful small business as a freelancer based on how I take care of my clients.  Freelancing is not a moonlighting job for me. I work every day, regular business hours.

I also know there are a lot of thieves and incompetent web developers out there claiming they can build you a website. They take your money and run, or deliver a shoddy website full of errors and bugs. I know because clients contact me on a regular basis with this same story over and over.

(One of my favorite clients) Calvin wrote this recommendation for website development services I have been providing to him for years. He has been a client of mine since 2012 and still is today. If you need a web developer, hopefully his recommendation will put your mind at ease a bit that hiring a freelance web developer is a good thing for your small business.


Recommendation for Website Development

A year ago, I did the stupidest thing in my life. (Well, one of the stupidest. I’ve done lots of stupid things.) We have two important websites, both of them blogs, one of which gets lots of international attention. I decided we needed to overhaul both our sites, and since our web designer was particularly busy at the time, and since I was looking for more “back end” work than design work, I began looking for a crackerjack programmer. I quickly found Adrienne Palmiere. I contacted her and asked her rates. She responded promptly, and noted her rates. I said I could not afford her. She wrote back, saying, “How do you know?” She then explained that she works very efficiently, rapidly, and with consummate skill. (Those are not her words; they’re mine.)


My first stupid mistake was, I didn’t believe her.


My second stupid mistake was, I went to a Pakistani outfit, instead. Over the next 3 months I poured many thousands of dollars into my new Pakistani “team,” only to realize they were away beyond their depth and they had made a stupendous mess. Not only was I poorer by many thousands of dollars, but our site was worse than ever. I contacted Adrienne, in desperation and, yes, embarrassment. “Adrienne! Help!”


I write these words 10 months later. I have built a shrine to Saint Adrienne in my study. I burn incense, in appreciation, and I sing hymns to her. This note is one of them.


Adrienne’s the best. Our designer agrees. My wife agrees. I neglected to mention, above, that our main site had been hacked. Not only did I want to change the site, but it had been seriously hacked. We are a book publisher, and this was a major blow to us. It goes without saying, Adrienne fixed the hack and she built in security that God, himself, would have a tough time breaching.


Don’t be stupid like me. Email Adrienne. Bear in mind, she’s busy, with lots of clients who are fiercely devoted to her. If she takes you on, count yourself lucky.


Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Associate Professor of History (retired)

Rutgers University

Contact me if you would like to discuss working together.

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