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Squirrelcart No Longer Supported

squirrelcartSquirrelcart was decommissioned in Aug 2018.

What does this mean? It means the code is no longer available to download.

It also means the code is no longer supported.

No longer supported means if there is a bug, it won’t be fixed. If there is depreciated PHP code, then your PHP shopping cart script is going to break if you try to run it on PHP 7.

Since you initially downloaded code and loaded onto your web hosting account, it will still run, as long as your hosting account is running versions of PHP and MySQL that it can support.  Best practices say you should keep your server and web code up to date though.

In the past week though, I have had two different people contact me about recent issues with the code. Both pointed to depreciated code errors due to the hosting account being upgraded to PHP 7.

Can I fix these code problems with PHP 7?

Yeah, probably. But it won’t be worth the cost to you. It could take hours to go through all of the code and fix each depreciated line item. Then go back and test it all, debug and  fix some more.  But what about down the road when a new bug pops up? How about when a newer version of PHP comes out? You are going to continue to hobble along, frustrated and dumping more money into something that will never be “right”.

Code requires ongoing maintenance.

People tend to overlook website code as an application, a program, ignoring the idea of ongoing website maintenance as a necessity.  Think about your desktop. Your operating system and all of the programs need upgraded on a regular basis.  How about your mobile device(s). They need upgraded all the time too.  Your car, your house…..

For some reason though, people think a website can be built, and ignored. Sometimes I see code more than a decade old.  In ten years the Internet has grown exponentially in many ways. Code this old is going to have issues no matter how many “band aides” you add to it. It’s not a question of can it be fixed.  Code this old doesn’t get fixed.  Like a house, it gets “stripped down to the studs” and then rebuilt. At this point, migrating to a new code platform makes more sense in terms of technology, functionality and economically.

If you’re website is running old code that has never been upgraded, time to think about upgrading, or moving to a new platform.

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