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Will You Partner With My Web Designer?

 Will You Partner with My Web Designer?

Clients sometimes come to me already having an in house graphic designer or has hired a web designer to create a layout for their new website project. Often web designers do not have technical experience to code a layout and turn it into a functional website.

That’s were my role comes into play.  As a web programmer, I focus on coding a website design and back end programming to build functional websites. I will collaborate with your designer to build your website.

Freelancers Offer Targeted Services

Freelancers often target a specific niche or service.  Over the years I have built skills in all areas of web development. My main focus as a freelance programmer  is on the back end coding of building websites. (Back end coding refers to the source code that you can not see that builds the structure and functionality).  So if you’re looking for a web developer to partner with your web designer, we may be a good fit.  Partnering with web designers to build websites has become a big part of my freelance business.


The Great Thing About Freelancing

My clients are nationwide (actually worldwide) not just locally in Hampton Roads Virginia.  I have built relationships with graphic designers and small marketing companies throughout the United States . I providing web programming to them in an as needed, per project basis.  Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, California are a few of the states that I have long term working relationships with web designers.

With simple technologies like email, cloud file sharing, screen grabbing and recording services , it is easy to communicate remotely to get a project completed without hurdles. I have been working remotely with some freelance graphic designers for over 10 years now.

You may have found  that freelance web designers and/or graphic designers may only focus the design of the website. They create the website design and then want to pass the project off to a web developer to code it into a functional website.  Their web design contract may even say “web development not included.” If this is the case, get in touch with me so I can give you a quote to see what web development will cost to take your web design and turn it into a website.


How to Get Started?

If you would like a web development quote to convert your web design into a functional website I would need the following:

  • The mock up of the design. I need to see the design to understand how complex it will be to code.
  • Details of how many web pages there will be.
  • Written details of functionality needed to be incorporated into the website

While quoting a project, I understand that the design may not be finalized yet. .jpg images of the design are ok at this point. For me to code the web design into a web pages though, the final approved design files would need to be delivered to me as layered .psd files.

The easiest way to send me files to review would be to put them on a cloud service like, Dropbox or Google Drive and then share them with me.  You can contact me through the form on the right if you have other questions or request a website development quote here.

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