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What is Back End Web Development?

Back End Web Development Backend web development refers to web programming logic that you can not see, but makes the website function. The front end of a website is what the user sees.  That is, the actual website design of the web page. Front end development uses HTML, CSS and other client side technologies like JavaScript to make the website look

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What is a Content Management System (CMS)

What does CMS stand for? In the field of website development  CMS stands for: content management system.  A CMS is a web based application that enables a user to manage website content through a collection of tools. The website data, or content, is stored separate from the code with makes it much easier to manage the website.  Most of the

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What Does Mobile Friendly Mean?

What Does Mobile Friendly Mean? Simply put, a mobile friendly website is a website that displays well mobile device. When smart phones really started becoming popular about 10 years ago, web developers had to figure out a way to address showing the same website on a large desktop screen, and also on various mobile devices (phones, tablets, ipads).  A mobile

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Parts of a Website

What are the parts of a website needed to get on the Internet? On a basic level you need the following parts to build a website: Domain Name Every website has a ip address associated with it. (Think like a phone number). Your domain name is an alias for your ip address to make it easier to remember. So instead

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Clear Browser Cache

How to clear your browser cache While building websites, I often tell my clients to clear their browser cache  (“CASH”) as changes are made during the development process. Often the response, is “How do I do that?”. I will explain here. What is a browser cache? A cache is a “container” or temporary location on your local computer that your

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What is a Webmistress?

Webmistress Webmistress Definition The definition of a webmistress is a general term for a female webmaster. A webmistress is also a webmaster, but not the other way around :  )  (Fire man/ Fire Woman, Police Man/ Police Woman ). The term is not used much in the web development industry. I would be surprised if I ever saw a job
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What is a webmaster?

Webmaster Definition What is a Webmaster? Webmaster is a general term for someone whose job is to provided website development, website maintenance and support services.  A webmaster's role is taking care of general duties involved in building and maintaining a website. Webmaster Roles The roles of a webmaster will depend on the job description that has been defined for the needs
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Is WordPress REALLY Free?

Is WordPress free??  Yes, WordPress source code is free to download and install onto your website.  (You can download WordPress here.) It is also, open source, which means you are free to modify the source code in any way that you want. So in terms of acquiring and downloading the code, yes it’s free.   If you want to build

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Where to Find Freelance Web Developers

Where to Find Freelance Web Developers   You can hire freelance web developers to build new websites or make changes to websites already built. Once you have a website built, you eventually need website maintenance and possibly more website development. Some web development companies may deliver a new website, and that's it. They don't provide ongoing support and or maintenance.
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