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Cheap Website Packages

Get a simple website online quickly and affordably.

Cheap Website Packages Don’t All Mean

Poor Quality; Slow hosting; or looks like “the kid next door” built it.;
To us it means a simple website built with quality features that you can build on over time.

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Small Business Challenges

Small business owners have to wear many hats

Owning a small business is challenge. Literally everything falls on you to get done.

Being your own IT department is not on top of everyone’s priority list.  Regardless, having a small business website is simply not an option any more if you want your company to succeed.

Customers expect to be able to find you on the Internet. Making a good first impression can be the difference of gaining a customer.

DIY Website Builders

There are a lot of DIY website builder tools available on the Internet. These range in price from free to a couple hundred dollars a year.

Cheap website packages offered here are not meant to compete with an online website builder. The goal is to help people get their site online quickly that do not want to learn how to setup a website by themselves.

Figuring out something new will always take time that a lot of small business owners do not have. Hire a website builder to create a professional web presence for your business so you can focus on growing your small business. 

No Gimmicks Here

I am not going to promise to provide a custom web design, unlimited pages, unlimited revisions, #1 in Google.  Or, I’m not going or say you only have to pay for it after it’s built and you approve it, like some promotions you see.  There will be no coupon codes, “1 day only special”, or extending a promotion for the never ending “One more day”. (Although I will give you a referral fee if you send new customers to me.)

Other web design companies offering website packages may offer this, – but there’s go to be a catch. Set up fees, large monthly hosting fees with annual commitments… Read over the offer carefully before you commit.

My goal is to help small business owners get on the Internet affordably and frustration free.

Yes, a custom design and marketing package would be great, but when you don’t have the budget for it, its simply not realistic.

My goal is to get your site online and will continue to be available long term if you want to further build out your site as your budget allows.

Features & Package Pricing

$900 Includes:

  • Clean, professional web design from a theme.
  • Privately registered domain name
  • Quality web hosting & full service support *
  • Secure certificate so your site loads over https
  • A domain email address
  • 3 pages – home, about/services/products,  contact form
  • Basic HTML website – no WordPress ** or editor for you to make changes.
  • Website consultant with 20+ years experience to professionally set up your site quickly.

* Web hosting fees are included for the first year and renew at $179.40 annually.


Don’t expect to rank on the first page of Google with a simple site like this. SEO takes a lot of time and effort. This website package is intended for you to have a professional website to share on your business cards and send potential new clients to learn about your business.

Why Not a WordPress Website?

I do offer WordPress website development, but trying to offer a quality and cheap website solution, WordPress is not the right fit.

Why? Everyone else offers WordPress

For the basic, starter web package offered here, WordPress is overkill.

It takes some time to properly setup and configure WordPress on the server securely.

It takes some time for you to learn how to manage your WordPress site.

WordPress requires ongoing monthly maintenance to keep code up to date and secure.

WordPress is a great solution for websites that edit content and add new content regularly. (Not the intent of this package)

All of these little services add up to extra time and money.

Simply put, you can’t have cheap and bells and whistles too.  Your option here is basic but quality code, or pay more for additional features. I can always upgrade your site to WordPress later at a discount if you decide to go that route.

This website package is cheap because it stripped down and simplified. Not cheap because its poor quality. I’m including the features you need, not a long list of features that mean nothing to you to make it seam like your getting a bargain.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have any questions, or want to see an example of what we can build for you, please get in touch.

My goal is to get a website built for you quickly and frustration free. I will guide you through providing content needed to get your website built and online in record time.  All website consulting is done over the phone or email to stream line the process.


A quality website with speed in both website performance and delivery time is the goal.

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