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Website Cloning Service

Do you need a website copied, duplicated or cloned to create
a new website?

Do you need to clone a website?
Hire a web developer for cloning services

Why clone a website?

When you hear the term “clone a website”, this means making a copy of a website, or duplicating it.  There are multiple reasons why someone would want to copy a website. Some are:

  • To have a backup copy of a website
  • To move a website to a new host
  • To have a second copy of a website to test and make changes before applying to a live site.
  • Your company is expanding services and you want to build a new website, similar to you existing website.
  • You like a design, features or functionality of an existing website online, and want to use it as inspiration for a new website.

clone website
copy website

How to copy a website online?

How easy or difficult it is to copy a website depends things like:

  • If you have access to the website code of the site that you want to make a copy
  • If the website is using open source software (like
  • If the site is using page builder software like Wix,
  • If the site is using an online database

If you have access to the web hosting account, making a copy of a website is easy. If you are using a free website builder, cloning a website is going to be more like a rebuild. By this I mean, the code can not be taken and copied somewhere, but a new site would have to be built to match what it currently looks like.  The same concept applies if you see a website that you like and want to use for inspiration. A web developer can build a new site that has a similar look and functionality, but it would be build from scratch.

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