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CMS Website Development

database driven content management system websites

CMS Development Services

As a freelance CMS developer, I provide web programming services with PHP & MySQL databases. CMS development services I offer include custom CMS development from scratch and custom WordPress CMS development.

Custom CMS Solutions

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS website solution with tens of millions websites built with it. For an experienced developer, custom WordPress development is “easy”.  Most websites I build I are created with WordPress (all of my websites are all built with WordPress). It can be customized with infinite features and functionality and is a great website solution for most website projects.  Read more about WordPress web development services I offer.

Custom CMS Website Development

Sometimes WordPress can be overkill for a project. By this I mean you simply may not most of the features that WordPress offers. Other times it would be more effort to make the needed project functionality work in WordPress so I offer a custom CMS development too. With a custom website, content management tools are coded to match your exact functionality you need. There is no code bloat with features built in already that you won’t use. Website security is much less of an issue (when coded properly) with a custom website. (WordPress requires ongoing maintenance to stay secure.)

Custom CMS vs WordPress

Which one is the best solution for you?  Well, it depends. I can’t answer this question  until I hear details of what you want to build. Usually there are a few reasons that I will recommend a custom database solution over  a customized WordPress website.

    1. I may make a recommendation to build a custom CMS when it would be more complicated for me (and more expensive for you) to integrate your unique project requirements into WordPress rather then custom website development.
    2. You only need a simple CMS for your website. I may make a recommendation to create a custom CMS for you if you have very specific functionality needed and do not need all of the bells and whistles built into WordPress.
    3. WordPress requires some ongoing maintenance. Sometimes my clients don’t want to deal with this. WordPress requires ongoing maintenance to keep the code and your website secure. Custom websites are not as prone to getting hacked as WordPress is. This is not because WordPress is not secure, but because there are so many millions of websites that run WordPress. This makes it easier for hackers to exploit many websites quickly when a vulnerability is found.  You can read more about WordPress security and maintenance here.

You can view some content management system examples I have coded with PHP and MySQL databases here, and WordPress CMS examples here.

Smart Investment

Using a content management system, it enables you to make updates to your website content easily and without the need of depending on a web developer.

Once your CMS is built,  you don’t have to depend on them for content changes ongoing, saving you turn around time and money.

Advantages of a CMS

Using a CMS makes managing your website much easier. For example, if you have a change that needs to be made in the menu on every page, using a CMS the change can be made in one piece of code.

If your website is “static” individual pages, you would have to edit the source code for every page on your site.

Disadvantages of a CMS

There is some ongoing maintenance needed with website code. If you use an open source CMS like WordPress, you need to be proactive in keeping code up to date with applying security patches when they are released.

Keeping code up to date is not difficult, but hiring a web developer to maintain your website is a good idea.

Do you need a CMS Website?

Contact me to discuss how creating a CMS website will help your small business on the Internet.