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WordPress Conversion Service

You’re most likely on this page because you have already decided that you want to convert your website to WordPress.  I am not going to go into detail here why you should use WordPress for your site. I have a blog post here detailing benefits of converting to WordPress if your interested.

3 Reasons to Convert to WordPress

  1. It’s easy for you to manage your website content.
  2. It’s good for search engine optimization.
  3. It’s easier for web developers to add functionality to your site.

Take Your Existing Website and Convert to WordPress

More and more web development quote requests I receive are asking for pricing to convert their existing website over to WordPress. After reviewing their existing website, most of the time it’s a good option.

Technology on the Internet changes at an amazing rate. Often people find they have simply outgrown the technology being used on their current website and are looking for something to make managing their website easier. Using WordPress as a content management system can save you a lot of time and website maintenance costs because you can maintain your website’s content easily without the need of a web developer.

Just about any type of website can be converted to WordPress. Here are some examples of website quote requests to convert I have received.

convert static HTML to WordPress
.psd to WordPress theme conversion
Wix to WordPress conversion
Joomla to WordPress conversion

Do you have questions about converting a website to WordPress?

Types of WordPress Conversion Services

I offer the following types of WordPress conversion services

I convert websites to the version of WordPress. This version is open source software that is downloaded and installed on a web host. The version is a hosted solution, meaning you sign up for a service, and use their web hosting and software. You can not download the code or add custom code beyond the functionality that they offer.

Are you ready to convert your website to WordPress?

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