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Content management system websites are web based database software applications that enable you to manage the content on a website through password protected tools instead of having to access the web code.

Custom CMS Websites

 Data is stored in a database, separate from the website code. Password protected browser based tools enable you to manage all aspects of the stored content to create, read, update, delete (CRUD).

Custom CMS software development can range from something simple like updating text and images on your page, to developing proprietary web tools to grow your business exponentially.  Face it, having the right tools makes anything easier. I have been building custom CMS solutions for over 20 years, ranging from simple text editors to complex large scale management systems.  See some content management systems examples I have built from scratch.

Custom CMS Developer

I have been a CMS developer for most of my web development career ( freelance CMS developer for over 15 years). The majority of the work I do consists of building custom CMS websites from scratch, or using WordPress software to customize it to the project requirements.

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Custom Solutions

 With a custom website, content management tools are coded to match your exact functionality you need. There is no code bloat with features built in already that you won’t use. Website security is much less of an issue (when coded properly) with a custom website. (WordPress requires ongoing maintenance to stay secure.)

Sometimes WordPress can be overkill for a project. By this I mean you simply may not most of the features that WordPress offers. Other times it would be more effort to make the needed project functionality work in WordPress so I offer a custom CMS development too.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS website solution with tens of millions websites built with it. For an experienced developer, custom WordPress development can speed up development of a website significantly.

Most websites I build I are created with WordPress (all of my perosnal websites are all built with WordPress). It can be customized with infinite features and functionality and is a great website solution for most website projects.  Read more about WordPress web development services I offer.

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What is the best CMS solution for your project?  Well, it depends. I can’t answer this question until I hear details about your project.

I may make a recommendation to build a custom CMS when it would be more complicated for me (and more expensive for you) to integrate your unique project requirements into WordPress rather then custom website development.

People contact me wanting me to tell them how to accomplish building their website. I can not simply tell you how to do it though.   Compare this to asking a mechanic how to replace your carburetor.  It takes years of experience to understand what needs done and be able to address all of the potential issues that could come up during development.

You can hire me as a freelancer to build a CMS for you to then manage your website content, but I can not tell you how to build it.


A big reason is control of your website. Using a content management system enables you to make updates to your website content easily and without the need of depending on a web developer.

Another reason is it is easier to manage and maintain.

For example, if you have a change that needs to be made in the menu on every page, using a CMS the change can be made in one piece of code.

If your website is “static” individual pages, you would have to edit the source code for every page on your site

Sure, I have converted many static HTML websites into CMS websites.

Sure, I have converted many other platforms to WordPress. A few examples include Opencart, Squirrelcart, Joomla and Magento.

A CMS website is software. All software needs to be maintained.  WordPress requires more maintenance than a custom CMS.

WordPress requires ongoing maintenance of core code and plugins.  WordPress requires ongoing maintenance to keep the code and your website secure. Custom websites are not as prone to getting hacked as WordPress is. This is not because WordPress is not secure, but because there are so many millions of websites that run WordPress. This makes it easier for hackers to exploit many websites quickly when a vulnerability is found.  You can read more about WordPress security and maintenance here. (All websites need maintenance, I am not implying that a custom website does not. Just not as much)

The success of any project depends on how well you can communicate your needs to me. If we work well together, I can build just about anything.

Some examples of custom CMS solutions I have created

  • Race car driver and standings tracking system
  • Financial services auction system
  • Real estate management CMS
  • Food and wine pairing website
  • Boxing/fight tracking and rating website
  • eCommerce web applications
  • Dozens and dozens more