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Trying to find a web developer online can be a challenge. There are so many freelance websites that list thousands of web developers for you to have to review and interview.

You found me, an independent freelance web developer with 20 years experience coding, fixing and maintaining websites. Contact me below to discuss your website project.

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If you are looking for a estimate to build a website, please use this detailed request a web development quote form so I can provide an accurate estimate to build your website.

Just like you want to work with a professional web developer to build a proper website, I want to work with a client that knows what it is that they want programmed and can communicate their project requirements to me.

Please take the time to write up specific details of your project so you can clearly communicate to me what you need to be programmed. Thank you!

Website Development

As a freelance web developer, my success is based solely on my own performance. My full time job is freelance programming, it is not a hobby or “after hours” job for me.

With that said, you can expect to get a quick response from me with recommendations for website development services that I can offer to you.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring me to work on your website project, contact me through this form.  If you would like an estimate for web development, please fill out my web development quote request form.

You can review my website portfolio to see examples of many websites I have builr. I have completed hundreds of smaller programming and website support and management jobs too. You can view smaller PHP programming projects here.

My Location

P.O. Box 6767
Virginia Beach, VA 23456  USA
Tidewater – Hampton Roads
Phone calls by appointment.

Please contact me through email first and then we can set up a call if we decide to work together on a web development project.

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