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"I need help with my website!"

My web designer will not respond to calls or emails. I need to hire someone to finish my website!

Get Website Help!

There are lots of reasons why a website may not get finished. As a freelance web developer, I will step in to give you the website help you need to get it done.

Maybe you thought you could do it yourself, or you have invested a lot of time and money into a web designer who has quit responding to you.

No matter the reason, I can help with your website and get it finished.

Get in touch to discuss what needs to be done to finish your website.

Get Help Finishing Your Site

I hear all kinds of reasons why a website never got completed.

Web Designer Disappeared

Their web designer disappeared, died or as one client put it: “flaked and left us in the dust.”

Web Designer Inexperienced

Their web designer got in “over their head” and keeps making excuses why its not done.

DIY Fail

You thought you could DIY, only to find out there is more to learn about website development than you thought.

It got put on "the back burner"

Something else became the priority and finishing the website got put aside. Now your ready to finish building your site.

Whatever the reason,  I can help you fix website issues and get it done!

Finish My Website

 "I hired someone to build a website. It's been months and is still not finished!"

Help with Existing & New Websites

I Need a Website

Do you need a website and don’t know where to start? Website consulting services will guide you on the best hosting and software to use for your website project. On top of setting up the best plan to build your site, I can build, host and maintain it for you. Everything is taken care of from start to finish.  For small business owners that don’t have the knowledge or time to manage their website, partnering with Freelance Web Programmer solves this problem.

Small Business Website Management
Web Hosting Support

I Need Website Support

If you have a website already built, but need website support with issues like web hosting services, code updates, WordPress maintenance plans or optimizing your website for speed or help fixing SEO problems, I provide website support for all things technical on your self hosted website.

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