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Freelance PHP Programmer

Freelance Php ProgrammerMost websites using server side programming are coded with PHP.  (over 78% in Feb. 2022!)

Most websites do not need dedicated full time PHP developers to keep the site up and running though.

Freelance PHP developers are needed all the time for short term projects like new startups,  adding features to existing sites, upgrading old outdated websites and troubleshooting all kinds of website errors that pop up. Outsourcing PHP programming is a great solution for small businesses.

I’ve been developing websites with PHP/MySql for 20 years. Hire me on a per project basis for custom database driven websites,  website upgrades, small programming tasks and troubleshooting code problems.

Custom PHP Development

Hire a freelance PHP programmer when you don’t need a dedicated full time hire. Most clients that hire me are small companies and individuals that have or need custom websites. If the site is not custom coded from scratch, then it’s build with open source WordPress software. (Built with PHP/MySQL) I program custom WordPress sites and provide technical support to fix and maintain websites.

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Why outsource PHP programming?

Working exclusively as a freelancer and online PHP programmer, my success is based on performance and expertise. You can expect to get quick responses from me and quality website development services delivered to you.

My clients are small business owners, web design and marketing companies and individuals that don’t have the technical expertise to programmer custom websites with PHP (or support them ongoing).

Remote Programmer

Location doesn’t matter.  I have been working remotely from home in Virginia for 20+ years.

By hiring a freelancer PHP programmer, we both win. I have the opportunity to work on many different types of projects across the USA .  You get experience and professional services since you are not limited to trying to find a PHP programmer locally.