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Fully Managed Web Hosting

"I want to change where I host my site. Will you host my site or find me a new, better web host?"
Freelance Web Programmer offers website hosting and maintenance packages that include fast, secure web hosting and priority website support.


Is your current host slow, has security issues or support is completely frustrating to communicate with?


Has your host been bought out by another company and now you are not happy with the quality of service and support?


Do you not have a clue about hosting, and don’t want to deal with it any more?

Hosting your website with Freelance Web Programmer will solve these problems - and take care of website maintenance and management too!
Website Maintenance And Security Services

Self Hosted Websites

A huge benefit of self hosted websites is that you can change your web host. You are not tied down to hosting through a particular company.

With hosted website services like Squarespace or Wix  it it not easy to change hosts because the web hosting is part of the service you are buying with the website builder.

In order to change hosts, the website would need to be rebuilt and turned into a self hosted website. (I can do this for you).

What You GetWhat You Don’t

Website Management with Web Hosting

 Professional services to manage and monitor your website on all levels means you have more time to focus on your business.

Small Business Website Management
Web Hosting Support

Web Maintenance & Support

Your site is fully monitored ongoing for performance, backups and security.  You have a direct line of contact for any questions you may have, but also piece of mind that your site is running smoothly.

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