Joomla to WordPress

How do you convert Joomla to WordPress?
Hire me, an experienced WordPress developer.

Joomla to WordPress

If you found this page, you have probably already decided you want to move to WordPress. While they are both CMS software, comparing Joomla to WordPress is like comparing apples to oranges in terms of ease of use, dependability and user community.

Why Migrate to WordPress?

I've build websites with both Joomla and WordPress. Given a choice, I always pick WordPress.

Why Hire Me to Convert Your Website?

Converting to a new software platform is more work than copy and pasting web pages into the new system. When I migrate your site everything is moved over for you.

When you convert a Joomla database to WordPress, that is half of the project. Properly configuring and securing WordPress is extremely important for your long term website health.

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