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Hire a Freelance PHP Web Developer

Do you need to hire a PHP programmer but don’t need a full time employee or a long term commitment hiring a PHP development company? Outsource PHP web development to a freelancer.   I work on a per project basis with no minimum commitment  of number of hours or long term contract.

Why hire a Freelance PHP programmer?

PHP is by far the most popular server side scripting languages (about 80% of website run on PHP, including WordPress). Most small business owners and even mid size companies simply don’t have the budget or the need to have an in house web programmer.


I fill this niche, providing an affordable solution for small businesses needing PHP expertise.

Custom PHP Programming

Many clients that hire me have websites built by another web developer that has since moved on. They need services like new functionality built into their website, bugs fixed, or upgrades made to old code that has become depreciated and is no longer working. They are looking for a professional PHP developer they can hire for a specific job, rather than a PHP development company that may require a long term contract.

Other clients are looking to build a website from scratch for a start up website idea or a proprietary business that needs custom PHP web development to build in functionality unique to their company. These types of websites are often custom CMS development, ecommerce or PHP portal web development .

Custom Websites

Hire me for new website development, coding PHP web applications from scratch

Database Development

PHP & MySQL database go together. Hire me to design and develop a web database .

Programming Support

Hire me to debug PHP code errors, upgrade PHP code and/or the version of PHP running.

What Can I Do?

I’ve been building websites with PHP for 20 years. I can build just about any functionality into a website that you can dream up.  

Some examples of custom PHP web applications I’ve built include:

  • Order Delivery Systems
  • User registration and membership websites
  • Unique auction websites
  • Custom search engines
  • Portal websites

If you are using PHP programming on your website, keeping it up to date is part of website maintenance that a lot of people overlook.  When you purchased your web hosting account, it would have/should have been set to the current stable version of PHP.

As time passes and new versions are released, your web host will install these upgrades, but do not apply them to your account automatically. Why? Features and functionally of PHP change with each upgrade. Your website code could break after an upgrade, so it important to test your site after an upgrade. So it’s up to you do do the upgrade when you are ready.

In December 2018, the major version of PHP that most of the Internet was running (PHP 5.6) reached end of life. The upgrade to PHP 7 was pretty significant.

  • Big improvements in speed/performance
  • Big improvements with security
  • Big changes within the code and how it connects to the database.

The code changes will completely break your website if you are still using the old depreciated way to connect.  Much of the web programming I have been hired to do in the last year has focused on upgrading PHP code.

This mostly applies to custom PHP websites, or old versions of open source software that have not been kept upgraded regularly.

Read more about upgrading from PHP 5.6.

Most interaction on the Internet is done through web forms. While the form you see is built with HTML.  The web form processing is  done server side with PHP. I have coded hundreds of custom PHP web forms.

  • contact forms that send email
  • web forms that write data to a database
  • web forms that process credit cards
  • web forms that search data

I take into consideration the security issues with processing data.  All forms I code properly validate all data coming in, to prevent hackers trying to exploit the form. I uses e a variety of techniques to block web spam, to minimize users have to interact with things like “I am not a robot” submissions.

Much of my job is new PHP web development. Another significant part is providing programming support services to debug code problems.

Websites are software.  Overtime, websites break,  get outdated,  and need upgraded.

Consider me your virtual website tech support expert. I provide as needed programming support to fix broken websites related to your website code, database errors and even DNS and web hosting issues.

Why Build Websites with PHP?

If you need a website that does more than display text and images on a page, you will need to use a server side scripting language like PHP to build back end functionality  into your website. I understand that you don’t know much about what needs to be done, but just that you have a vision of what you want to create.  I will guide you through the process of building the needed technologies into your website to create the functionality you need.

Hire a PHP Programmer