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Custom Product Catalog Website

For this web development project, I was hired to create a product catalog online with custom features. I coded a custom web catalog with PHP & MySQL database to showcase the company’s product catalog online without prices. I worked in conjunction with the company’s web designer to develop a catalog website for them to be able to feature their products.

I created a custom content management system (CMS) for them to be able to manage product categories, products and sales reps.  A product search engine was also coded so users could then browse the product catalog by category, search by product number or filter by several different product related criteria.

Online Catalogs

I’ve coded many product catalog websites with password protected content management tools to able to create, edit and delete products. Sometimes I use open source software like WordPress.
I recommended building a custom PHP application rather than using open source online catalog software like WordPress or Open Cart because of the unique requirements of this website project.

If you need web product catalog development on your website, get in touch so I can tell you what it will cost to build a product catalog online.