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Rent a Website

Monthly website package

Rent a Website

Pay by the month, no commitment

Rent a website to have the flexibility of paying an affordable monthly fee over a one time cost. This is a website package that bundles the domain name, web hosting, domain email and a website together. Everything is conveniently taken care of!

Rent a Website

What's the difference between buying a website and renting a website?

The concept is the same as renting a house.  You pay to use it but you don’t own it.   With renting a website, you do not own the domain name or website code. It is yours to use as long as you are paying the monthly fee.  If you choose to quit renting, any content or images that you provided to use on the site belong to you, but you do not have rights to reuse the domain name, website code, hosting or security certificate.

What's included in the
Rent a website package?

You work directly with me to get consulting on the best domain name to choose, and what content to include on your site. I take care of every technical aspect to properly build your website.

  • Domain name -
  • Domain email - [email protected]
  • Security Certificate
  • Web hosting service & support
  • Website development
  • Website support

Website pricing starts at $75/month. Number of pages, features, functionality determine a final monthly cost.  While there is no required commitment, there may be a set up fee. Discounts are offered for longer commitments.  Contact me to learn about your website needs and get a formal quote.

Why Rent a website?

Renting a website is a good option for someone needing a new website but does not have the budget to invest in developing a full website initially. It’s a great option for new small businesses just starting out too. You get a web presence to build exposure and add credibility to your business without having to research how to buy a domain name, web hosting service, install a secure certificate and build a website.

Renting a website is also a good option for a short term need. Maybe you have an event you need to promote or a short term product to sell through a season.

 I give the option to “buy out” the website at any time. You would then have full ownership of the domain name, and website code. I also give the option to quit renting at any time. You simply don’t pay your monthly invoice by the due date and the website no longer shows online.


Rent a website packages start at $75/mo