Website Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance and Support Services

Focus on managing your business, not managing your website error logs, code updates and security vulnerabilities.

Keep Your Website Running It's Best

Freelance website maintenance services are affordable for small businesses and individuals to get ongoing website support to keep their website updated and secure.

There are no project managers, ticket systems, and long delays. Work one on one directly with me.

Web Maintenance

Website Maintenance

If you need bug fixes, code upgrades or a WordPress Migration expert, I’ve got it covered.

Wordpress Plugin Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services keeps your code updated, your site error free and secured from hackers.

What does website maintenance include?

What’s included depends on how your website is built, how many pages you have,
and the features and functionality included in your site.

… and much more!

Website Support And Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance

Website maintenance can include a lot of different services from content and code updates to performance, security maintenance and SEO. A website maintenance company knows the importance of keeping your site updated. The best part is it is hand-off for you.

Freelance Web Maintenance Services

One time, as needed, or a website maintenance retainer

Flexible pricing options with no long term commitment. Freelance website maintenance is an affordable solution over a dedicated maintenance company. Get website support when you need it, once or ongoing.

When it comes to website support services, location doesn't matter.

Website Maintenance Pricing Even though I provide website support and maintenance from Virginia Beach, VA, I have clients in almost every state. There is never a need for me to go “on site” to do website maintenance. It is all done remotely and quietly in the background. You don’t need to think about website upkeep because I monitor and maintain the technical aspects of your website for you.  

What does website maintenance cost?

Website Maintenance Pricing Maintenance costs depend on factors like the size of your site, how your site was built and how well it has been maintained .  If you need one time updates vs website hosting and maintenance bundled together will effect monthly maintenance pricing too.  Reach out and let me know what kind of maintenance services you need. I will review your site and provide cost for a website maintenance plan for you.

Common Questions

Websites are software. They need ongoing maintenance to continue to function properly, keep up with technology and be protected from hackers and malware.

Like a computer operating system, installed program or mobile app, upgrades and updates are needed to stay secure and continue to work properly. With as fast as technology grows and changes on the Internet, it’s important to keep your site updated.

Your website is software. Just like your pc or your phone, it needs to be maintained to run optimally and keep it secure.

You can’t ignore website maintenance.  If you let it go too long it will hurt your business. Error messages, irrelevant and outdated website content, out of date  technologies (like your website not being mobile friendly) is a turn off to your customers and potential new customers. If you have not updated your website recently, or for a really long time, get in touch so we can make some improvements.

There are a lot of factors that will effect web maintenance costs and how long it will take to complete.

  • The size and age of your website
  • The complexity of your website
  • The type of maintenance needed. ie content updates, finding and fixing website errors, or ongoing WordPress maintenance
  • How often you update your website
  • If you need a one time fix, or monthly maintenance contract
  • If you need after hours or weekend website support
  • If you want web hosting and maintenance services

No. I make a full backup of your website and then install a copy. I make all changes and test on the copy first. If all is working as expected, I then apply them to your live site.

No. You are hire me for website maintenance services All work is done by me, all communication is between me and you.

Other business owners and small web design companies partner with me to outsource website maintenance to me though.  They see the benefit of saving them time and money.

I don’t. I’m an individual, not a large scale website maintenance company. The clients that I cater to are small businesses and individuals. Typically they do not need many hours of dedicated work ongoing.

If you just need one time fixes, I bill hourly.

I do offer different website maintenance plans for monthly maintenance, along with support packages at a discounted rate. The benefit of doing this is you get priority support in my work queue and ongoing monitoring of your site.

I work remotely from Virginia Beach, VA on the East Coast of the USA.

I am located in Easter Standard Time timezone.

Benefit From Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

website maintenance and support services

You get priority support with web hosting and code issues with monthly website maintenance services. Your site is monitored all the time so you never have to think about if it is running its best. 

Website Support

Freelance Website Maintenance

Hiring a freelancer is an ideal solution for small business owners that do not have an IT department, or do not have the need to hire a web developer full time. 

Website Expert

I have built, maintained and debugged hundreds of websites. Have an expert maintain your site so you can focus on your business.

Web Consultant

Get advice that is your best interest, not up selling you on services you don't need.


An affordable solution - hire me on a website maintenance retainer, as needed, or one time when you need support.

Freelance website maintenance services include: website updates, ongoing WordPress monthly maintenance and website management packages that include a domain name, secure certificate and web hosting.

On the Internet, your website
- essentially your company-
is available to the world 24/7.

For a small business, this is an incredible opportunity to gain exposure to grow your company.

Neglecting your website leaves a bad impression on your potential customers and create problems and unplanned costs for you to have to fix when it crashes.

Website Support and Maintenance

The benefits of outsourcing website maintenance for small business owners is obvious. 

You have an expert managing and monitoring all of the technical aspects of your website that you don’t have the time or knowledge to do yourself.


With over 25 years of experience building websites, I know what needs to be done and can address any issue in a fraction of the time you can.


Neglected websites crash from security issues like getting hacked, and server upgrades that cause code to no longer work.

It can be down for a long time while fixing problems like this, so don’t let it happen.

What people say about freelance
website maintenance services

5 Star Ratings

Website Maintenance Packages

Having an ongoing website maintenance package will keep your site presentable, functional and ensure you can recover if disaster strikes. This about the following:

With monthly website maintenance, you get priority support and turn around time vs a one time support request.

With a WordPress monthly maintenance plan,  I guarantee your site won’t hacked, (or I will clean the infection and further secured for FREE)

Get quality, “business grade” web hosting with phenomenal support. It makes sense to get website and hosting support from the same provider. Read more about the benefits of having me host your site.

With an ongoing maintenance package, my eyes are always on your website to see issues before they become a problem.

With additional website audit services, you can send me your audit report to prioritize and fix issues. Or, have me do a full website audit to analyze your code, security, speed, SEO, hosting, error logs, usability, keyword ranking, and more.  

I break out maintenance packages into one time “tune up” for neglected websites, monthly ongoing maintenance, and WordPress maintenance services.  I offer this flexibility because I understand clients have different needs depending on the age of the website, how active they are with updating it and the size and functionality.

Tune Up Website

I will do a full audit of your website to review the following:

  • security review
  • review server error logs
  • audit website structure
  • define usability issues
  • server/hosting account upgrade

We will then work together to define a priority list of issues that need to be addressed.

Monthly Updates

Receive priority website support for ongoing maintenance needs for your website.  This includes securing your website, providing regular offsite code and database backups and service requests from you.

Monthly maintenance packages start in increments as small as 1 hour, discounted rates offered for multiple hours.  Requests are billed in 15 min increments.

WordPress Support Plans

WordPress requires different website support compared to other sites.  I offer several WordPress maintenance plans that center around code maintenance and website security.

I  secure your website, then monitor it ongoing. This is more logical than doing daily scans for malware and fix your website when it gets hacked.  Don’t let the hackers gain access in the first place!

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