WordPress Installation Service

Get WordPress Installed the Right Way

Freelance Web Programmer will install WordPress core on your host, harden it for security, install any theme you want, and even customize your theme if needed. Getting WordPress set up the right way from the start will pay off exponentially down the road with how users interact with your site and how Google ranks your site in their search results. 

Wordpress Cms Developer


WordPress installation service includes installing a copy of WordPress on your hosting account and properly configuring it for security.

Theme Customization Services

Theme Setup

WordPress theme setup and customization services includes installing a theme on your website and setting it up based on the developers recommendations.

Blog Development

Blog Setup

WordPress blog setup service includes setting up your blog categories, sidebars, related posts, pagination… Whatever you need.

Professional WordPress Installation

Installation and configuration

There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet to walk you through a new installation to setup WordPress.   Basic WordPress set up is not hard, but some people do not want to take the time to learn how to do it properly.

I have installed, secured and setup hundreds of WordPress websites.  There is a right and wrong way. “One click installations” will install it quickly, but as far as properly configuring for security, “one click” does not address it.  Hire an  experienced WordPress developer to get your site set up and configured.

WordPress Theme Setup Service

Theme installation and configuration

I have installed, secured and setup hundreds of WordPress themes.  I can quickly get a theme and all required plugins installed.

If you need it to look like the demo for you to then edit content, I can do this too.

If you need content from your existing website imported, this is an other option.

I will install free or purchased themes.

If you are redesigning your website, I will clone your site and install the new theme for you to work on. When the site is complete, I will migrate it to your live domain to replace your current site.

Blog Setup Service

Installation and configuration

If you have an existing website (WordPress or not) and want to add a blog to it, I will install and configure this.


Setup for Small Business and Non Profits

Following a tutorial you find on the Internet may get you through installation,
but consider these details that need to be addressed too.

Fix A Not Secure Website

Securing your Installation

Fully securing your WordPress installation is a must. Out of the box, WordPress is not secure.

How To Backup Website

Disaster Recovery

Setup automatic, regular WordPress code and database backups.

Theme Customization Services

Theme customization

Importing a theme demo is easy enough. Customizing it to your needs is more complicated.

Website Speed Optimization


Google (and users!) like fast websites. You need to optimize WordPress to improve how fast pages load.

WordPress Theme Customization

Beyond setting a up WordPress theme, there is a lot of customization that can be done. Did you buy a WordPress theme and need help setting it up? Do you need help configuring it to look like the demo?  I will properly configure it with a child theme so  any customization will be safe from updates.

People ask me how to get a WordPress theme on GoDaddy, Hostgator or Bluehost.  The web host doesn’t matter. Running WordPress is the same process regardless of the host.  Read about my theme customization services here.

Customize Wordpress Theme
Customize WordPress Theme
Wordpress Design &Amp; Development
Configure WordPress
Wordpress Import Demo Setup
WordPress Import Demo Setup

I work with the WordPress.org version of WordPress. This version is open source software that is downloaded and installed on a web host. The WordPress.com version is a hosted solution, meaning you sign up for a service, and use their web hosting and software. WordPress is already installed with this service.

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