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Fix Websites With tens of millions of websites running WordPress, this software is an easy target for hackers to infect your site with malware if it’s not properly secured and maintained.

How you clean a virus infection depends on where the infection occurs. It could be in the WordPress core code, plugins, themes or the database.

There is no “easy button” to clean and infected site and there are no plugins to remove malware. 

It takes manual effort and experience to clean all sources of an infection, and properly secure it so you don’t get hacked again.

Hire a WordPress security expert that has removed malware and secured hundreds of WordPress websites.

Removing Malware is Half the Battle

You have to physically remove infected files to get rid of malware.

BUT, if you do not fix how it got hacked in the first place,  the hacker will infect your site again. You have to find and secure the point of vulnerability.

Securing WordPress is a mandatory step after cleaning malware from your site to prevent re-infections.

It’s impossible to estimate the level of effort to to clean an infection and secure a website due to numerous factors. Because of this I only bill hourly.

Help! I need my site cleaned and secured.

Best Practices to Protect Against Malware Infections

You hear how popular and easy to use WordPress is.  But what you don’t hear is “out of the box” WordPress is not secure. If you do not harden (secure) it, there is a good chance your website will get hacked. Just securing it one time is not either. You also need to keep code updated ongoing.

Hire me clean malware that has infected your website and then properly secure it.  Then perform ongoing code maintenance to keep it secured. A monthly WordPress maintenance plan will prevent it from getting hacked again. I guarantee it.

Can’t I just use a malware removal plugin?
While there are plugins to protect your site from malware, they are for prevention of getting hacked rather than cleaning infections.

I follow WordPress.org best practices for WordPress security. Once your website is cleaned from malware, there are several dozen changes I will make to the WordPress code to make it a challenge to hack your site.

Once secured, you still have to commit to being diligent about regular WordPress maintenance.  Just like being proactive with keeping your PC updated to protect against vulnerabilities, you have to be proactive with your WordPress website too.

Securing WordPress

Communicating to me what kind of issues you are seeing helps me narrow down the source of the infection to provide better and faster malware removal services for you.

Good Communication

By supplying me with this type of information, it will help me to get familiar with the problem quicker, saving time and money.

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