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Has your site been hacked?  Then does it get infected again? Without properly securing WordPress, and then maintaining it, the problems won’t go away.
Hire a WordPress security expert to identify security issues with your website and then harden it to keep hackers out, stop malware infections and form spam.
Websites  that are not secure can cause lots of problem from annoying spam, getting your site suspended by your web host, and even getting blacklisted in Google so your site doesn’t show. This can cost you a lot in lost customers, and can be very expensive to clean malware from your site.
Be Proactive

How to keep your WordPress site secure

The best way to secure WordPress:

  1. Harden your WordPress installation. 
  2. Keeping WordPress core code,  plugins and themes updated all the time.
  3. Use a quality web hosting provider that focuses on security.

WordPress Security Services

Harden New Installations

There are dozens of things I do to a new stall to make it hard for hackers to find a way to sneak in.

Code Updates​

Keeping your code updated is one of the best things to do to keep WordPress secure.

Regular Reviews

Be proactive with regular code reviews to find new possible vulnerabilities.

Website Security

WordPress Security Issues

“Out of the box” WordPress is not secure.

You can be proactive and properly harden your WordPress installation to avoid getting hacked or infected with malware.

Or you can be reactive and be forced to deal with it when your site is down because it was attacked.

  1. I provide WordPress security services on both ends of the spectrum. Any new website I build or host includes securing WordPress in the quote. It is so necessary that I do not provide it as an optional service.
  2. I also provide WordPress security services to remove malware and clean hacked websites. I then secure your site and make recommendations so it doesn’t happen again.


Why does my WordPress site keep getting hacked?

Insecure Website CodeJust cleaning a hacked website is not enough. If you don’t secure the source of where the hacker is gaining access, they will come back.

Don’t Ask Your Host to Fix it.

If you contact your host to help you with a hacked website, they may restore your site to a clean version , but  this is a temporary fix. You need to make changes to secure your site to prevent it from happening again. Then maintain it ongoing.

WordPress maintenance plans are a good way to keep your website code secure and up to date proactively. I offer one time services to fix your WordPress site if it’s been infected. (Although I highly recommend WordPress maintenance packages to fix and then keep your site secure.

WordPress Security Review

If you’re not sure if your WordPress site is secure, I will review it for free, telling you 3 vulnerabilities I see without even needing a login to your site.

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I’ll give you a 4th “freebie” since I can’t check this but know it applies to almost every project I take on.

Change your passwords!

When was the last time you updated your passwords to something more complex? You can read more about good password security practices here.

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Work with a WordPress Security Expert

Most people that contact me about WordPress security issues on their site are frustrated, frazzled and fed up with their web hosting support not being able to help.

WordPress security services include cleaning infections, properly hardening your WordPress installation and then maintaining WordPress code so you don’t have to think about it- EVER.

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