Some people regard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as voodoo, a scam. I can confidently say it is 100 percent valid. Adrienne developed and SEO game plan for me, and it worked.

WordPress SEO Consultant

WordPress SEO Services to improve search engine rankings

SEO services for WordPress are the same SEO optimization concepts as for any type of website. Knowing how to properly configure WordPress, and what plugins and tools to use make the difference in “finding someone to SEO my site” and hiring a SEO consultant.

Google will reward websites by ranking them higher in the search results when the site is optimized. Showing in the search results without paying for placement is called organic SEO.

What's Included with WordPress SEO Services?

First we define your SEO Goals. What do you want to accomplish?

Seo Audit

We need a baseline to see how much work needs to be done, and a starting point to monitor and track your website ranking progress.

Technical SEO

WordPress by default is set up with optimizing your site for search engines. I will configure all of these things.

Keyword Research

Knowing what keywords people are actually searching for, rather than what you think people may be searching for can make a significant difference in the number and quality of users that come to your site.

Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Technical SEO covers website issues like https, indexing problems, mobile friendlyness, sitemaps, page speed, canonical URLs, image optimization and a lot more

Freelance Seo Wordpress

WordPress SEO Plugins

Installing a SEO plugin does not mean you have SEO'd your site. You have to do a lot of work to do to see results. From meta tags to connecting Google Search Console, I can get you started.

Affordable Local Seo Services

Local SEO

Local SEO for WordPress is the same concept as any site. There are many things you can do to optimize your site for local SEO. I can help you rank your WordPress site.

Speed Optimization

WordPress Performance

Optimizing WordPress for speed make a difference in your SEO efforts. I guarantee I can improve your websites load time.

Seo Keyword Research Services

Website Content

While I am not a content writer, I make recommendations of the best way to structure your pages and what you should write about.

Seo Monitoring Service

SEO Monitoring

I monitor your rankings through monthly reports so we can see how SEO effort is paying off.

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