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Virginia Beach SEO

Virginia Beach SEO Services

As a freelance web developer, I provide website development and support remotely to local small businesses in Virginia Beach, along with clients regionally in Hampton Roads, all of Virginia and Nationwide. I also provide local SEO services in Virginia Beach and beyond.

I focus on the technical side of web development (also called back end web programming) and do the same with search engine optimization. I focus more on code related SEO rather than the marketing side which would include social media, content development or building back links.

I address the following types of SEO factors to help your site rank higher in the search engines.

Page structure with unique titles, meta content, headings and keyword targeted content.
Responsive, mobile friendly code.
Optimizing code for web page for fast loading time
Website structure/ architecture
Website security (SSL)

SEO is a long term commitment. Ongoing effort is required to continually improve you website.  If you put the effort in you will see results. If you want someone to “SEO your website” by “adding keywords to the page” and think that’s all that needs done, you need help  : )

Keep in mind I do not only provide SEO services to clients near me in Virginia Beach.  Just  like website development, face to face meetings are not often necessary. If you have good communication skills, all work can be done over email and over the phone.  I never meet the majority of my clients face to face, as most of them do not live near me in Virginia Beach or even Hampton Roads.

Email me or fill out the form below if you would like a website review to see what kind of improvements could be made to optimize your website.


















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