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Web Design Services


Web Design and Development Services

Web design services can be the creation of a graphic design of what the website looks like.  Organizing your web page content and pages in an optimal way is refereed to as web design.

When building a website, often lumped together are the the website design and website development.  The terms web designer and web developer are often interchanged.  Their roles often overlap too.

The website design is what you see – how the web pages are laid out and how the overall website looks. Website development takes the visual website design (i.e. graphic design files) and code them into a functional website.   (right brain = designer,  left brain = developer)

The web design is the focus during the planning stages of building a website. Factors like the purpose of the website, your brand identity and message you want to communicate effect the design process.

As a freelance web developer, I work alone and directly with you – one on one to bring together the web design (graphic design created by a designer) and develop/code your website. Freelance Web Programmer is not a web design agency, but an individual, single point of contact to take your web design files and implement the technical side to properly program, secure and optimize your website.

Web Design & Development

Your website promotes you 24/7, often being the first impression a potential client gets. The web design process is the most important phase of building a website. Planning your website by defining your project requirements upfront has a direct effect on the final web design and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions people ask me when looking to hire a web designer.

How Much Does A Web Design Cost?

Prices can vary significantly based on how it is designed, i.e. from a template, theme or custom design – to the number of pages and functionality and logic that needs coded. For example, a simple 5 page HTML website is not going to cost the same as a eCommerce website. Communicating your project requirements is important in determining a cost up front.

Help! I Don’t Know Where To Begin.

No problem.I’m here to guide you through every step of the process to deliver your website to you live on the Internet. I can take care of all aspects of building a website from domain registration and hosting, to design and development, and publishing it on the Internet for you.

Why should I hire you?

I’ve been building websites since the late 1990’s and have been freelancing for 15 years. I have worked on hundreds of projects in many industries. My skill set includes all aspects of website development from the planning through delivery and ongoing website maintenance. I am available “as needed”. No permanent hire, no minimum number of hours commitment monthly. I am a perfect resource as a “webmaster” for a small business that does not have the knowledge (or time) to manage their business website.

I Need A Website Fast, How Fast Can You Build It?

I can develop a small website (< 10 pages) in about a week. Factors like other projects I have scheduled, when I receive a deposit and delays in decisions to be made that effect my ability to move forward need to be taken into consideration. My goal is to get your website built quickly so I can move on to the next project.

Getting a Web Design Quote

The web design process can vary significantly between web designers.  Training and experience,  along with your timeline and budget will effect the final product.  Getting web design proposals from multiple freelance web designers or web design companies will undoubtedly come back with a large range of price quotes.

Take some time to learn some basic terminology of website development. Then communicate your project requirements. This will result in a website that meets your expectations.

I provide website development consulting services if you don’t know where to start.

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