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Examples of Web Content Management Systems

Listed below are examples of content management system websites I have developed. Some are custom content management systems built using server side scripting with PHP & MySQL database. Others I am using opens source software WordPress (that also uses PHP & MySQL) . Each one of them has unique features and functionality requirements.  You can click on the website title on the image to read the functionality build into each content management system website example.

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system  website is a database driven website that allows the code to be separated from the content. Content on the pages is stored in a database which can then can be accessed through tools from your web browser to easily manage adding and changing the text on pages.


Content Management System Advantages

From a web developer’s point of view, building a CMS (content management system) takes a big chunk of website content maintenance off of their plate. The site owner can now have control to make simple website content changes without having to access code or depend on waiting for a web developer to make requested changes for them. It also makes maintaining website code much more efficient.  For example, if have a 20 page static website and want to make a change to the menu, you would have to edit 20 files. With a website CMS, the change can be made in one place and updated across all pages instantly.


What is the best content management system?

The best content management system is going to be the one that fits the requirements for your website project, along with your website budget and timeline it needs to be completed. If you are thinking a content management system would be a good fit for you web development project, contact me and we can discuss it.  Most websites that are larger than a 5 page static site would benefit from being built as a database driven website using a CMS.