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freelance web developer website examples

Small Business Website Examples

I have been building simple html websites and database driven websites since the late 1990’s for startup companies and small businesses.  I try to keep my web developer portfolio current by moving projects that are no longer online to this page for reference.

Technology on the Internet changes incredibly fast

Most of the website examples described below are out of date simply because technologies did not exist when they were created and/or web coding standards have changed significantly. For example, SEO techniques like adding meta tags are no longer relevant, and mobile friendly websites did not exist. (Smart phones did not exist until 2007)

I have different types of website examples I have programmed  over the years with brief descriptions of the functionality included below. While some of  the technology used to create these sites is no longer relevant, the type of custom web applications created – meaning the features and functionality that was built into them are still good examples of website solutions I can provide to you.

All website examples here have been created by me as an independent freelance web developer, not working for a company or on a team of web developers.

Website Examples of Custom Web Programming


Sell Car Parts Online

This project consisted of building an online store to sell car parts online. The client provided me with psd files from his web designer to then create a custom theme with OpenCart eCommerce software. Intuit payment processing to accept credit cards online was integrated into this website.

Membership Website

I was hired to complete this membership web site after problems with another web programmer. Member registration signup was coded, implementing set up fees and recurring subscription billing with Various back end content management tools were coded to handle credit card processing, site content and user management. Tools were coded to for members to manage their profiles.

Online Store

Customized Joomla Ecommerce website using Virtuemart. Custom design was applied to Joomla. Customized code was written to restrict access to only invited users. Fixed product sort order Virtuemart bug. Hacked Virtuemart coupon code module so coupon codes could only be used one time per customer.

Online Store

This online store that sold tactical gear was built using open source eCommerce shopping cart Zen Cart. Existing customer and product data was imported from the client’s old shopping cart code. Template customizations and PHP code customization were completed along with installing many addons. Ongoing SEO techniques were applied and we had great results.


Advertising Catalog Website

The site was redesigned and coded with PHP and Oracle database. The guts of this site consist of password protected tools for employees and dealers to manage their advertising catalogs. Dealers could log in to manage their information, view account details and view and download catalogs. Employees had tools to be able upload pdf files and automatically generate images of them to view them through the web browser. Page content was also managed through these custom CMS tools.

Funeral Home Websites

I partnered with a web designer on this project to build a custom website to manage data. Password protected tools were built for bulk data entry of static content on old website. Tools were built to manage obituary data and upload multiple photos. A guestbook entry tool was created for users to submit and display entries pending approval through a password protected back end tool.

IT Consultant Website

This IT consultant had a small budget to build a website. He wanted to be able to edit content on his website easily without having to login to the web server to edit the source code. I recommended using WordPress as a content management system for him so he could make changes to his website easily when needed.
To help keep the project within a reasonable budget, we used professional WordPress theme for the template and then customized the WordPress theme to meet his needs.

The website was a “straightforward” small business website for an individual providing consulting services with informational pages about services offered, about the company, jobs completed and a contact form.

Financial News Website

WordPress is  a great option for financial news websites because it is so easy to manage website content. This site was built quickly and affordably using a premium WordPress theme that was customized. Plugins such as embedding RSS feeds and a newsletter sign up form through Aweber were incorporated.


Classified Ads Websites

Full website development was done here to build a custom classified ads website. The website was built from scratch PHP and MySQL database. This custom classified website included user registration, listing management and search functionality. There was back end administration area for the site owner to manage many aspects of the site. PayPal payment processing was incorporated into this site. This site was custom coded because of the unique requirements of the project. It was a hybrid of classified ads and auction an auction website.

Company Letter Generator Website

A custom website was built from scratch that allowed staff to register and log in to create letters. Once the user logged in, they had the option to select different letter templates and generate them for printing. Code tracked when a user had generated letters.

Racing Company Website

This client needed content management tools to enable them to regularly update their website.  The entire site was  database driven using PHP and MySQL. A password protected content management area allowed the client to update all areas of the site real time. News stories, image galleries, driver profiles… were all managed through custom CMS tools.

Scheduling Website

I partnered with a  web designer to custom code a PHP application to enable the company to schedule and manage their employees. Password protected back end content management tools were built with multiple levels of user access. Multiple tools were created to insert,edit and delete various types of data. Multiple reports we built to view the data. Custom calendar application was incorporated to view upcoming and past data.

Custom Real Estate Websites

I have built  multiple custom real estate websites as a freelancer. When I was web programming in the corporate world, I worked for a popular national real estate search engine website that aggregated MLS data from all MLS’ across the country.   Smaller real estate websites I have built include custom content management systems with password protected tools to be able to create listings, upload multiple photos and assign featured listings on the home pages and build agent profiles. All code I write is always programmed to be optimized for search engines.


Running Group Website

A local running group needed a website to communicate with the running club. Logo, website design and content management tools were created. Custom CMS tools were built so she could easily manage upcoming race events and the next run date/details. An image gallery was customized and incorporated.

Race Car Driver Website

This client needed a unique website design, logo and collection of content management tools be able to manage all data on the website. A custom content management system was written with PHP and MySQL database to accommodate his needs. Tools such as a news editor with the option to display English or Arabic text and upload multiple photos, along with the option to make story display featured on the home page were created. Various other tools were created to be able to manage schedules, races, drivers, results, create image galleries and page content including title and meta tags for SEO

Girl Scout Troop Website

A Girl Scout Troop needed a members only access website to keep everyone up to date on upcoming events and activities.

A customized WordPress site was created with the following features:
• Only registered members can access content.
• Membership directory displays to logged in users
• Event Calendar
• All users are notified of new posts via email.
• Cookie order web form that submitted orders to a spreadsheet to easily download and manage.