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PHP Programmer Portfolio

I started programming with PHP when I worked for a large, privately held company in the late 1990’s. My job as a web developer was to provide custom PHP web application web development on the company’s many websites.

I programmed numerous custom intranet tools to enable customer service to do their jobs. I also wrote custom PHP billing applications to handle monthly recurring billing for their customers. I developed and enhanced their front end real estate and classified listing websites as their sales team developed new products to sell.

In 2005 I left the corporate world and transitioned to becoming a freelance programmer I had plenty of custom PHP programming experience but now discovered the opportunities of open source software. I have since learned many open source programs like WordPress, Opencart, Joomla, Zen Cart and others.

Today, I mostly use WordPress to build websites. If WordPress is not a the right solution, I will recommend to custom web application development. My favorite types of projects to work on are smaller scale custom websites built with PHP and MySQL databases.


PHP & MySQL Website Examples

Below are examples of websites I included as part of my PHP developer portfolio.  These websites have been built with  PHP and a MySQL database. While you can’t really “see” PHP programming, I try to give an explanation of the functionality I have coded with PHP to build these websites.