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Freelancer serving Virginia Beach,  Hampton Roads VA,  and across the USA.

Website Support for Small Businesses in Virginia Beach

If you’re a small business owner that is having trouble with keeping your website updated, secure, or constantly chasing down problems with your web hosting, partnering with a freelancer may be that “missing piece” to getting your website help your business rather than chasing problems related to it.

Benefits of having a website manager:

Web Development Consultant

Small business website solutions from new development to hosting, ongoing support and more.

1 on 1 Communication

Communicate  directly with me – not a salesperson.  Get answers and  technical advice strait from the source.

Website Expert

25+  years experience, I provide website consulting for new projects and can troubleshoot and repair any kind of website problems.

Technical Resource

Available for 1 time tasks or ongoing website support for troubleshooting, site maintenance, web hosting and SEO. 

Web Developer Support Virginia Beach
Web Developer In Virginia Beach

Do you feel more comfortable working with someone local to Virginia Beach?

Even though web development and hosting are perfect careers to work remotely, some people want to work with a local resource.

20 years, with clients in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake – all over Hampton Roads.

Location doesn’t matter.  I live on the coast near Sandridge in VA Beach, but have built relationships with many small businesses in Virginia, across the USA and worldwide.

Website Maintenance and Management

Web Hosting in Virginia Beach

Business-grade, secure and high performance web hosting services. Monitored and online all the time.

Web Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Servicesweb Hosting And Maintenance Services

Hiring a freelance web developer over a web design company

Most of my clients are small business owners that don’t need a full service agency to manage their site. They also prefer to work one on one with me vs a company, working through ticket systems, project managers and meetings.


As an independent contractor, you won’t have to absorb the overhead that a web design company has.


I don’t require long term or ongoing contracts. I bill hourly or per project when you need me.


You work directly with me. This means less miscommunication. There is no project manager or long turn around time.


Partner with me to have a long term relationship with a  website support resource.

What Clients Say

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