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Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Website Developer

Adrienne Palmiere

Freelance Web Programmer

I am an experienced freelance web developer dedicated to providing web programming solutions for small businesses, graphic designers, marketing companies and individuals.

Hire a professional to complete your website project.

Looking for a Freelance Web Developer Website?

Hi, I’m Adrienne, a website developer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I am a full time freelance web developer, this is not a “hobby” for me. If you hire me, you can depend on me being available ongoing, as needed, for years to come. You can take a look around my personal website to get an idea of the web development services I offer and developer recommendations from my clients.

I have been freelancing since 2005. In the beginning I was using freelancer websites to acquire clients, but over time developed my own personal freelance website. I found that the large scale freelance websites were not the best solution for me. I’m glad I got away from them because these days they are so flooded with spammers and bots auto submitting bids that you can’t filter through all of the junk as a provider or a buyer.

When I built my own freelance site, I also took it upon myself to learn about keyword research and on page search engine optimization. The organic traffic I receive to my website grew to the point that it has been many years since I have had to pursue finding new clients.

At the beginning of my web programming career, I spent 8 years in the corporate world as a web programmer for a national online classified website company,. I worked along side a team of graphic designers, database developers and product managers.  When I left the corporate world and transitioned to working remotely from home as a freelance web developer, I never looked back. I love freelancing and staying away from the stress of meetings, work place bureaucracy, and daily commute through our horrendous traffic. (If you live anywhere near me in Hampton Roads, VA you know what I mean!)

Hire a Freelance Web Developer

I specialize in custom web application development.

Do you have a great idea for a new start up website business? I have custom coded many web applications where “off the shelf software” just is not an option to complete the job. So long as you can clearly communicate your website requirements, I can build it for you.

Database driven websites using PHP and MySQL

While I do build simple html websites, most of the work I do involves web database development with MySQL to build data driven websites. Using PHP for back end programming and a MySQL database, just about any functionality needed can be built into your website.

I also build custom websites with WordPress open source software .

WordPress content management software is often a great solution for both a simple websites and complex web applications. WordPress is a great solution to build a small business website, an eCommerce website, content management websites, job applications, directory listings, product catalogs… The options are limitless.  You can hire me as WordPress consultant to decide if WordPress is the right solution for your project. Often is it, sometimes another approach may be better though.

Web Development Experience

I have built a large web developer portfolio with customers ranging from locally in Virginia Beach, VA, to across the U.S. and all over the world. I take great pride in my work with many of my clients bringing me repeat business and referrals.

Building a successful business as freelancer is not easy. It took more than just my skills as a web programmer. Integrity and professionalism are a big part. I am a dependable resource to my clients that can be trusted to deliver what is agreed to.

I enjoy working directly with my clients, rather than having project managers involved.  Most of my clients do not live near me in Virginia Beach.  Regardless, I am able to effectively communicate through email and on the phone to build their website and meet their needs.

If you view my web development portfolio examples you can see the PHP and HTML websites I have built.  I build websites from scratch, designing and developing MySQL databases and writing all website code. I also build new features into existing websites.

Because my website portfolio only shows a small sample of work I have done, you may not be confident I have the skills to build your website. Contact me to discuss your web site project.


You’ll be happy you did!

All material on this website is original content written by me and copyrighted.

This page is about ME – not YOU. Do not steal content that is specific to my years of professional experiences as a web developer discussing projects that have built and then post them on your website or LinkedIn profile claiming they are your personal accomplishments. I scan Copyscape regularly and will contact you or your web hosting company to have it removed.