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Maintain Your Website – 2019 New Year’s Resolution

Maintain your site now, so it’s not a problem later. Face it, no one likes doing maintenance. Whether ...

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domain name web hosting transfers

Understanding Domain Name and Web Hosting Transfers

Understanding the connection between domain names and web hosting is hard to grasp. This can complicate ...

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website content management

What is a CMS Website and Do You Need One?

CMS in the field of website development stands for content management system. A CMS website is a type of web ...

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web site password security

Website Security – Secure Your Website Passwords

Website Security – Passwords Website security can be addressed on multiple levels. Web hosting ...

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Squirrelcart No Longer Supported

Squirrelcart was decommissioned in Aug 2018. What does this mean? It means the code is no longer available to ...

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cost of a website comparison

Website Cost – Are you Comparing Applies to Oranges?

How much does a website cost? People contact me daily wanting to know how much does it cost to build a ...

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Hire Someone To Build A Website

Hire Someone to Build a Website

When creating a website for your business, where do you start? Most of my clients are small businesses ...

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data retention

Help with Review your data retention settings

Google Analytics Data Retention Settings I’ve had multiple clients contact due to the email sent by ...

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website revamp

Overhaul Website or Website Revamp – Which is Best for You?

It’s Time To Do Something – a Full Overhaul or just Website Revamp? If you are a business owner, ...

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website packages

Affordable Web Design Packages

Now Offering Affordable Web Design Packages I have not promoted web design packages in the past because most ...

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Website Development Questionnaire

Website Development Questionnaire

Website Planning Potential clients contact me sometimes saying that are planning a website and what will it ...

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custom website design

Custom Website Design vs Themes and Templates

As in any industry, there is a lot of industry specific terminology used. If you do not work in the industry, ...

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website problems

Website Problems After Moving To a New Server

Several people have contacted me recently for help because GoDaddy has been moving websites to a new server. ...

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website security

Not Secure Warnings on Your Website

Web Browser Not Secure Warnings Simply put, Not Secure warnings when a user/customer visits to your website ...

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Google Logo

Google’s New Google For Jobs Initiative

Google released a new “Google For Jobs” initiative recently that enables you to add structured ...

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guinea pig tester

New Version of WordPress Released – Should I Upgrade?

WordPress version 4.8 is considered a major functional release. Should you upgrade on release day? ...

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online productivity tools

Freelance Web Developer Productivity Tools

A career as a freelancer has a lot of great benefits. A downside though is being isolated from other ...

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reload to clear browser cache

Clear Browser Cache

How to clear your browser cache While building websites, I often tell my clients to clear their browser ...

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wordpress vulnerability

New WordPress Vulnerability, Thousands Effected – Update to V 4.7.2 Now

Don't leave your website vulnerable. Keep your WordPress site up to date. ...

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web design web development

Will You Partner With My Web Designer?

I partner with web designers, graphic designers and marketing companies to provide web programming support. ...

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trustworthy web developer

Hiring a Freelancer – A Question of Trust

Read a client's recommendation for my web development services. ...

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