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Will You Fix My Website!?

You break it, I fix it : )

Need Help? I Will Fix Your Website Problems.

I have logged thousands of hours building websites.  Figuring out and repairing website problems is part of my daily job.  Years of experience enables me to quickly identify the source of  website problems you are having.  Read more below about the types of problems that come up on websites on a daily basis.

Website Repair Services

Website Errors

If you have code errors showing on your web page, it doesn’t look professional. Bigger concerns are that you are showing information that should be secured (like  your server file paths or database names). Hackers will exploit this information, making your site vulnerable to being attacked.

If you don’t know what to look for, you can spend all day trying to find the source. An experienced programmer can debug code errors quickly.

Website Hacked

Has your web host taken your site offline because your website is infected with a virus?

Does your website no longer show in Google because they detected malware. You have an obligation to keep your website safe for your users, and for the credibility of your business.

I will clean website virus infections and send a request to Google to remove the malware warnings.

Broken Padlock Error

Having a security certificate on your website these days is becoming standard.  Just having a secure certificate does not mean your site is secure though.

If the padlock in the browser bar is broken when you are referencing the page with https://, your page is not secure.  I fix website secure certificate code errors that you have on your website.

Website Database Errors

If you have  website database errors, at a minimum your website is not functioning properly, worst case your website is not loading at all. I can fix any type of MySQL error on your website.

A common one is  “Error Establishing a Database Connection”. After a web host upgrades your server you may see this error.


PHP logo

Debug PHP Code Errors

I have been coding PHP websites since 2000.   Debugging code errors is not something that you can look up in a book.  It is a skill acquired from years of gaining experience through problem solving.

I am often contact to fix code errors in code that was written by another PHP developer. It can take time to find and fix code bugs because of the following issues:

  • Finding the code on the web server
  • Understand the prior programmers logic. Most times there is no website documentation.
  • Finding the code error logs
  • Being able to duplicate the error.

Some code problems are obvious to an experienced programmer. Others can take a significant amount of time to solve. Because of this, I will not quote a rate up front to debug PHP code.  I only bill on an hourly rate for code debugging services.

Things to Communicate to Me When You’re Requesting to Fix Website Problems

A link to the web page with the error.
Explain the exact steps I need to take in order to duplicate what you are seeing. (ie enter data in form)
Tell me the exact problem you see. White screen, no error, but page did not process, error message returned.
Copy and paste the exact error message to send to me if there is one.
If possible take a screen grab of the error page and send it to me.
Web browser you are using
Web hosting company you are using
Has there been any code changes or updates to the website recently?
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Good Communication

By supplying me with this type of information, it will help me get familiar with the problem quicker, saving time and money.

Fixing Website Problems

Fixing website errors can be a challenge.  Years of experience can expedite solving a problem in 5 minutes that may take you hours to figure out otherwise. Experience doesn’t mean I always can solve a problem quickly though.  Digging into another programmers code to try to figure out what it is supposed to do in the first place can be quite a challenge. Because of this I bill for fixing website errors at an hourly rate. Its impossible for me to quote a flat rate to fix since I don’t know the issue until I can get into the source code to see what’s going on.

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