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Mobile Friendly Website Redesign Services

Since 2015, Google has been penalizing websites in their search result pages if a website is not mobile friendly. If your website is out of date and not yet mobile friendly, you should add this to your website maintenance list of things to do.

Are you not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Use Google’s mobile friendly test tool to find out.

Options for a Mobile Friendly Web Design

  1. Create a separate version of your website that caters to mobile users.
  2. Code your website using responsive web design so you deliver web pages from the same url for both mobile users and desktop users

Google recommends a responsive  web design approach and so do I.

It requires a lot less coding since you do not have to duplicate pages. It is also much  more efficient in terms of website maintenance of code and content  on your website.

Issues to Address on a Mobile Friendly Design

  • Web code should be optimized for speed
  • Font size should be large enough to view easily
  • Links and buttons should be spaced enough to be easily tapped
  • Images should be resized to fix the screen area
  • Avoid technology that won’t load on mobile devices (i.e Flash)

Why Mobile Friendly?

The main reason to make your website mobile friendly is to make it easier for your users to use your website on a mobile device.

Know Your Users

Plan for your site redesign. If you don’t know how much mobile traffic you receive, install Google Analytics to collect this data.

Website Speed

When building a mobile friendly website, a big part is that you want the pages to load as fast as possible. You want to minimize images and optimize the code to load as fast as possible.

Its Time to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Contact me to discuss making your website design mobile friendly.