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PHP Programming Services

Hire a freelance PHP developer for custom web development

Freelance PHP Developer is not a web development company with a team of programmers delivering enterprise level web applications. I am a small business owner based in Virginia, USA that caters to other small businesses needing custom PHP programming services for a website development project.

Most small and mid size companies simply don’t have the budget or the need to have an in house web programmer. Offering programming services as a PHP freelancer fills this niche of needing an experienced PHP developer on a per project basis.

Many clients that hire me have websites built by another web developer that have since moved on. They need services like new functionality built into their website, bugs fixed, or upgrades made to old code that has become depreciated and is no longer working. They are looking for an professional PHP developer they can hire for a specific job, rather than a PHP development company that may require a a long term contract.

Other clients are looking to build a website from scratch for a start up website idea or a proprietary business that needs custom PHP web development to build in functionality unique to their company. These types of websites are often custom CMS development or PHP portal development projects. These are the types of PHP programming services that are my specialty.

Examples of Custom PHP Programming

PHP Programming Services

Process Web Forms

Email information submitted in a contact form.
Upload files to a web server
Perform math calculations and apply formulas.

Database Drive

Store information in a database
Tools to create, edit and delete data.
Store information submitted by a user.

Web Applications

Content management systems
eCommerce applications
Custom search engine websites

Custom PHP Development

If you need a website that does more than display text and images on a page, you will need  a server side scripting language like PHP to build back end functionality  into your website. I understand that you don’t know much about what needs to be done, but just that you have a vision of what you want created..  I will take care of guiding you through the process of building the needed technologies into your website to create the functionality you need. Get in touch with me to get a quote for custom PHP Programming.

Contact Me

“I had purchased what I thought was a simple php script for my web form. Well, it didn’t quite do what I wanted so I spent the better part of a week trying to figure it out myself before looking for some expert help. I found Adrienne through a Google search for freelance PHP programmers and I’m glad I did. She took a look at the script and in about 2 hrs had fixed my problem. Very professional. Very much appreciated. I will definitely be using her services again.”

Jason Wofford
Consumer Credit Advocates

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