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Hire me to work remotely do php programming on your website.

What is PHP?

PHP websitePHP  is just “part of the puzzle” when building a website. By itself there is not much to see. PHP works in conjunction with HTML to display information on a web page. HTML/CSS is what you see. PHP is the logic that determines what displays on the page.

PHP is a server side scripting language that allows you to dynamically generate web pages. PHP allows you to connect to a database to generate content. PHP allows you to process input from a form. PHP enables you to add an incredible amount of functionality to your website.

What does a PHP Programmer do?

As a PHP programmer, I code web applications that have functionality rather than just text and images to read. For example, with PHP, you can submit data through a form, log users into a website, or purchase products with a credit card.

I have developed and maintained hundreds of PHP websites. As a freelance PHP programmer, I have had the opportunity to work on many different types of programming projects since I don’t work for just one company.

You can see examples of work I have done as a PHP Programmer here.

Examples of Freelance PHP Programming Services I Provide

PHP Programming Services

Process Web Forms

Email information submitted in a contact form.
Upload files to a web server
Perform math calculations and apply formulas.

Database Interaction

Store information in a database
Tools to create, edit and delete data.
Store information submitted by a user.

Web Applications

Content management systems
eCommerce applications
Anything you can dream up…

Programming a Website

If you need a website that does more than display text and images on a page, you will need technology like PHP built into your website. I understand that you don’t know much about what needs to be done, but just that you need it built.  I will take care of guiding you through the process of building the needed technologies into your website to create the functionality you need. Get in touch with me to discuss your web project.

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