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Web Database Developer

MySQL Online Database

Being a web database developer and a PHP programmer I have built numerous online database websites with MySQL to create interactive, data driven websites.

When you need functionality built into your website beyond a simple informational website consisting mainly of content and images, you probably will need a web database developed to accomplish the job.

Most web hosting companies offer a MySQL database as a free service included in your hosting package. For most website projects, MySQL is a logical choice to develop a database driven website.

Whether you want to do something simple like store form data in a database, or build an eCommerce website with a shopping cart, MySQL has the features to set up a database driven website quickly and easily.

I can design and build your database and then code the logic for your website to interact with it.

New Database Development

I can design and build a simple or complex MySQL database for your new custom website project.

Database Development

I can be hired as a freelancer to work on your existing custom website database to add new database tables and functionality into your website.

Fix Database Errors

You can hire me to fix website database errors and debug other any other problems on your website.

Building a Database Driven Website

There are a lot of parts that need to come together to build a functional website. I understand if you don’t understand all of the technical details that needs to be completed, just like you will understand that I don’t know much about your industry. By hiring an experienced web database developer, you can be sure the back end of the website is going to be designed properly so the website will function as needed.

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