Freelance Web Development

web development through building a website with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL databases

Web Development Services

Regardless if you need a simple one page brochure website, or a custom website application built from scratch, I can provide freelance web development services for you. Ultimately every website is a custom project, regardless  if it is a basic website or complex one.

I support  business owners, graphic designers and personal website owners through all aspects of the website development process. If you need domain registration, web hosting, secure certificates, I can help with this.  I provide development services for new websites, or support on your existing website.  I provide website consulting for problem solving, website upgrades and new website development.  What did I miss? Contact me.

Static Website

A static website is more or less text and images. This is the simplest type of website, with no “functionality”. This is a quick and affordable website solution for individuals and small businesses that may not yet have a web presence but need one. Over time functionality can always be added.

Content Management

Content management systems (CMS) store the content of the website in a database. You can then easily add and edit content through password protected browsers based tools. Almost all websites I build use content management.  Its simply more efficient and gives the customer control of the website instead of having to depend on the web developer to maintain all aspects of the website.

eCommerce Websites

I have built many different types of online stores ranging from selling services, virtual product downloads, physical products that need shipped, and paid memberships systems.

Custom Websites

You think it up, and I can build it.  I have built many custom website applications over the years.  Some examples include classified websites “with a twist”, investment auction websites, custom order deliver systems, request and file delivery applications, food and wine pairing website, event manager websites, custom product management systems, real estate applications, job application websites ….

Building a Website

There are a lot of parts that need to come together to completely build a website. I understand that you don’t know all of the technical details,  just like you will understand that I don’t know much about your industry. I will take care of guiding you through the process of building your website. Get in touch with me to discuss your project.

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Parts of a Website

Domain Name

Your domain name is your website address.

Web Hosting

Your website code has to reside on a computer that is connected to the Internet (web server). You rent space on a web server for your website to display on the Internet.

Website Code

Website code, content and images make up your website.

What my customers say…

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