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Web Form Builder

I am an online form builder. I can build any type of website forms you need.

Create Online Forms

If you’re not a web programmer, adding a forms to your website can be a challenge.  HTML forms are just half the process. Once a form is submitted, it is not processed with HTML. I build web forms in PHP to process data. Processing includes properly validating data, and performing logic with the data like writing it to a log file, sending an email (and blocking spam) or writing data to a database.

There are free online form builders that you can use to build a form and then embed it into your web page. This is quick and simple for basic functionality, This can have its limitations though in terms of how it looks compared to the rest of your web page, and features available with a free service. Plus you are sharing all your submitted form data with this service.

Sometimes building  custom web forms are needed to accomplish your objective. Maybe your form design needs to match exactly with your website design.  Or maybe you need the form processed to do more than just send an email. With a custom coded web forms you can have logic coded to do anything you need. For example;  log all form data submitted to a file that can be then downloaded an imported into excel to view, or store data in a database that can then be reviewed through custom reports.

Custom Contact Forms

At a minimum, most websites have at least a contact form. Including a contact form on your website instead of just an email address or phone number is good practice for a couple of reasons.

  • It protects your email address from being abused by spammers
  • It is easy and convenient for the user to contact you.
  • You can asked for customized information that the user may not think to include.

Basic contact forms include name, email message. If you need a custom contact form added to your website, get in touch, I can have one added for you within a day.

Online Registration Forms

Many websites need users to register online and then login to the website to gain access to functionality. Using a free form builder service is not an option for this type of form. There is a lot of logic that needs to be built and tied together in order to make a user registration website.

If you need a web programmer to build forms to create an online registration and login system, contact me to discuss your project.

Online Application Forms

I have build multiple online job application websites that store application submissions in a database. Storing applications in a database streamlines job application prepossessing by being able to track processing applications, hires, rejections through visual reports, accept online application fees and send notifications to different staff based on geographic locations of the applicant.

If you need a online job application form,built, contact me to discuss your website requirements.

What You Can Do With HTML Forms

Any website that you interact with is using HTML forms to process information.  Here are examples of different types of HMTL PHP forms I have built.

  • Member registration forms
  • User login forms
  • Forgot password form
  • Contact form
  • Secure order forms
  • Search engine forms
  • Online calculator forms
  • Request quote forms
  • Content management system tools
Do you need online form programming?

PHP Mail Forms

Back end programming on all email forms I build are created through PHP programming.  The actual form you see is an HTML form. When you submit the button,  PHP code is what is used to process the form form data. PHP is used to properly validate form data, secure the form from spammers and send email, write the data to a database or any other form processing that needs to be done.

Website Form Programming

As a back end web developer, much of the work I do revolves around collecting data through web forms and processing it. Everything from contact forms, member registration systems and custom contact management systems with numerous admin tools built to process data through forms.

eCommerce Forms

Whether you want a form to sell a single product or a complete online store. The basis of and eCommerce web application is built with HTML forms to collect user data and back end programming to process it. I can build custom eCommerce applications to meet your unique needs, and used open source applications like OpenCart and WordPress Woocommerce for quick set up and built in “bells and whistles”.

What my customers say…

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