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Web Form Builder

I can code any type of website form and functionality that you need.

PHP Form Development

Do you need forms on your website, but you don’t need to hire a web developer for permanent work? Hiring a freelance web developer may be the best solution for you.

You can use a free online form builders to embed them into your website. They usually don’t look too professional though. (They have access to all of your submitted data too). This may be OK for a website contact form. But, if you need more complex coding like an online registration and login system or a website cost calculator to give quotes for your services, they don’t support this level of customization.

Website Contact Form Programming

Contact forms on your website instead of just an email address or phone number is good practice for several reasons.

  • It protects your email address from being abused by spammers.
  • It is easy and convenient for the user to contact you.
  • You can asked for customized information that the user may not think to include.

Basic contact forms include name, email and message. If you need a custom contact form added to your website,  I can have a PHP for coded for you and live on your within a day.

Online Registration Forms

Many websites need users to register online and then login to the website to gain access to functionality. An online form builder service is not an option for this type of form because data needs to be stored in a database for other parts of your web application to access. There is a lot of logic that needs to be built and tied together in order to make a user registration website.

You can not just search the Internet to download a PHP registration form with database and plug it into your website. Why not? Well, would you go to the car part store and buy a carburetor and then open the hood of your car and stick it in there? It’s just not that simple. You need an experienced form builder to code and integrate it.

Content Management System Development

One of my main roles as a freelance web developer is as a content management system developer. Custom coding CMS applications with PHP & MySQL database relies heavily on form input and processing. I build both custom CMS websites and use WordPress as a CMS too.

WordPress is a great solution for most websites. Depending on the project requirements, sometimes a custom CMS is a better solution for a very simple CMS or a complex website project with unique requirements.

Online Application Forms

I have build multiple online job application websites that store application submissions in a database. Storing applications in a database streamlines job application prepossessing by being able to track processing applications, hires, rejections through visual reports, accept online application fees and send notifications to different staff based on geographic locations of the applicant.

If you need a online job application form created, contact me to discuss your website requirements.

What You Can Do With HTML Forms

Just about ever website you visit has website forms to do something.  Examples of different types of web programming I have coded that include forms are:

  • Member registration systems
  • Contact forms
  • Shopping cart systems
  • Search engine programming
  • Online calculators
  • Online request a quote
  • Content management system tools
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What my customers say…

Contact me if you need web form in PHP coded on your website.