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Quality Web Site Hosting

Fast, dependable web hostings services, fully managed for you.

Finding Quality Web Hosting Providers

Running a small business as freelance developer, I need  fast, dependable and secure web hosting services.  I have worked on websites hosted on numerous different web hosting companies. I have done countless hours of research finding the best web hosting providers.

The web hosting service provider I use delivers business grade, quality web hosting services that I can depend on to perform as I need. I  offer this same quality of web hosting services to provide the best web hosting for small business to my clients.

Consider the following when looking for web hosting service:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service
  • Fast Customer Service Response Time


You pretty much “get what you pay for” when it comes to buying web hosting services. Cheap hosting pricing usually means cheap service provided.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting services. What you purchase, depends your web hosting needs. Things like volume of traffic you receive, amount of bandwidth needed or operating system you want to use could effect your choices. Quality in terms of performance, security and reliability are other features to consider.  These are harder to evaluate than hard statistics like X GB of bandwidth.

Regardless of the type of hosting you buy, quality is a factor with all of them.  Your website’s (and business) livelihood depends on your web host. If the server goes offline, delivers your pages slow, has vulnerabilities, or support does not respond timely, its effects your website/business.

I have found that most of my clients do not know how to research what type of web hosting they need, and end up being frustrated with the poor quality service their web hosting provider delivers. Since the quality of web hosting effects how I can do my job, I began offering web hosting packages to my clients as a value added feature to web development services I offer.

Quality Web Hosting for Small Businesses

The type of web hosting I provide is on virtual private servers (VPS).  VPS hosting is a step up from shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting is the common, low budget service pushed by the big hosting companies. They lure you in with gimmicks like unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts… It sounds great, but do you need unlimited subdomains?? Do you need any subdomains? : )  If you’re paying a couple dollars a month for the service, how can they possibly provide a quality product and support.

I use the analogy of shared hosting is like a college dorm; affordable/cheap but overcrowded and have to share all resources available (showers, lounge…).  VPS hosting is more like a condo community.  Not as crowded,  and you still sharing some resources, but upgraded resources like a community pool or tennis courts.

For you to purchase VPS hosting on your own, it probably would not make much sense from a financial standpoint for a single website’s needs.  With a VPS ,you have more control over the web server configuration compared to shared hosting, but need to have the technical knowledge to manage this too.  I can offer this higher quality web hosting to you at an affordable rate. You will be happy with dependable and high quality web hosting services, I am happy because I can do my job without the frustration of dealing with hosting issues and slow, unknowledgeable support.

Web Hosting Recommendations

If you are not sure what type of web hosting you will need to build your website, contact me to discuss the details of your project. I will make a recommendation of the best web hosting services for your project.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Web Hosting Services


High performance hardware means that your web pages are delivered faster.


With 99.996% proven uptime, your website is going to be “up” and available to your users all the time.


VPS web hosting is more secure than share hosting because resources are isolated and there are much fewer accounts on the web server.


The web server is monitored constantly. If an issue comes up, most of the time I find and address an issue before my customers are even aware.

What my customers say…

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