Website Design

Website Design vs Website Development

When building a website, you need to consider the website design and website functionality. The website design is what you see – how the website looks. Website functionality is what a website “does”. My programming skills focus on the website functionality end of website development. You can’t actually see the result of the programming I do, you see it function.

I work along side web designers to build website functionality into their design. I will work with your web designer, or if you do not have one, I can recommend colleagues that I have partnered with.

Graphic Designers

I can work in conjunction with your graphic designer to code a website design they create.

Website Templates

I can work from a professional website template, customizing a premade website design to meet your project requirements.


I’ve worked with many graphic designers and marketing companies and can refer you to one if you need a recommendation.

Existing Design

I can work within your existing website design to update and or modify it.

Designing a Website

How you approach designing your website really depends on your vision and budget. Just like any custom work, creating a custom design from a blank canvas is going to take a lot more effort and expense than starting with a base design.

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