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Website Redesign Services

People contact me for website redesign services for multiple reasons.

Outdated website design, missing functionality, remove old outdated technology, new technology needing to be added…

A website is a never ending work in progress. You can it update ongoing with regular maintenance, revamp a website occasionally or do a complete website overhaul if its neglected for a long time.

Website Redesign Process

FAQs – Website Redesign Process

    • What does a website redesign cost?
      It depends on the size of your site,  and what changes you would like made. The good thing about a redesign is it can be broken out in steps to make gradual improvements if your website budget does not allow for a full overhaul.
    • Can you provide me with a website redesign proposal?
      Of course! Please fill out this form so I can get some information about your website.
    • How often should I redesign my website?
      Again, this depends on a lot of factors. If you do not update your site on a regular basis then a redesign may be needed more often than someone that is more active with website maintenance.  If your business services change significantly or a business is sold, these may be reasons for a redesign.
    • Why should I redesign my website?
      Your website is a reflection of your/your business and is available 24/7. It is essentially free advertising to any user that finds you in Google or other search engines. It only makes sense that you want to keep your content current and site looking up to date. Slow loading pages, website not loading properly on mobile,
      broken links, out of date content… this is all frustrating to users and they will easily leave your site and go somewhere else.

Overhaul Website

A website overhaul is essentially a rebuild. You are probably going to completely change the design and therefore all of the code. Pages may stay, but content will be reviewed and updated to make it current. New pages may be added and or new website functionality may be added. A website overhaul is usually a solution when you outgrow your current website functionality and/or the website design is outdated.

Website Revamp

When you revamp a website, you are not doing a full website redesign, but targeting problem areas. You may decide to revamp your website to update content to your current business offerings, or maybe your logo has been recently updated and website design colors need updated to match. Another reason to revamp a website is because you have decided to put effort into search engine optimization so page layout structure or menu navigation need to change to make the site more search engine and user friendly.

Website Redesign

A website redesign refers to changing how the website looks. This requires modifying the html/css code that build the web page. Reasons to redesign may be that the current style is outdated and unprofessional, your website code is outdated and not mobile friendly and/or it still may be using HTML tables instead of divs and CSS separated from the html.

Read more about mobile friendly website redesign here.

Is it time for a website redesign?

Contact me to discuss website redesign services.