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How Does SEO Work?

So, how does SEO work?

There is no magic to SEO. It is more or less common sense and dedication.

By common sense, I mean if your site sells widgets, make sure your website talks about widgets.

By dedication, I mean creating an optimized website does not happen overnight, and you can’t “do it” one time and expect to reap the rewards forever.

It is an ongoing and never ending process to build a quality website.

There are so many factors to determine how a page ranks. In general terms, the text you have on your website is what a search engine sees. It can’t see words on graphics and images.

Code is text. The cleaner your code is, the less it dilutes the real content.

The real content is what your site is about. To have well though out quality content will help the search engine understand what your site is about.

The search engines also consider how many links there are to your site. The logic is, if other sites link to yours, then you must have some content of value.

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