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Is WordPress REALLY Free?

Is WordPress Free?Is WordPress free??  Yes, WordPress source code is free to download and install onto your website.  (You can download WordPress here.) It is also, open source, which means you are free to modify the source code in any way that you want.

So in terms of acquiring and downloading the code, yes it’s free.


If you want to build a website with it though, you will have costs involved.

For example:

  1. You need a domain name.
  2. You need a web hosting to install the code to have it viewable on the Internet.
  3. “Out of the box” (when you first install it), WordPress then needs configured. It is not secure, you should/NEED TO secure it or you will get hacked eventually.

You most likely will want to change what it looks like.
You will want to build web pages and add in features and functionality.

If you are a WordPress developer, then the only thing this is going to cost you is time.

If you have limited technical knowledge in developing a WordPress website, then its going to cost you a lot of time to learn how to built a WordPress website, or you are going to have to hire a WordPress developer to do it for you.

Is anything really free? Technically, yes WordPress is free. How you want to build a WordPress website will most likely cost you time and money.

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